The Libyrinth has won a few awards since it has been around, so I thought I'd create this page as a trophy case.

Thank you to all the kind people and agencies which selected the Libyrinth or The Modern Word and its sites for special recognition.

The Point Top 5% Netguide Gold 
Chosen as a "Top 5% of the Web" site by Point Communications. They also wrote a wonderful review of the site. Thanks, guys! Chosen for the Gold Site award by NetGuide. They wrote a very nice review of my Borges site. And hey -- what a cool badge, eh?
 IBS Site of the Week
Chosen as "Site of the Week" by The Internet Bookstore Made an Associate
Web Weaver Award   Book Stacks Unlimited
Chosen as a Tapestry Featured Site. Chosen as a "Novel Place" at the Book Stacks Unlimited "Book of Days" site.
Literary Research Award   
Winner of the "Literary Research Award." Winner of the first ever Plenilunium Award from Nemo Nox Cyberhome.
 The Mining Company  
Chosen "Best of the Net" by The Mining Company. Winner of the "Golden Skull Award," given by the Forbidden Library.
Chosen as a "Site of the Week" by EZ Connect. Nominated for a Webby in the Print/Zine category.
Winner of the "Web Book Award" Cyber-Teddy's
Top 500 Sites
(Isn't he so cute?)
Suite 101 Top 5
Web site
Links2Go Key Resource Award
Snap Editors' Choice designation in recognition of its excellence in design, content and editorial presentation.  BBC WebGuide -- Best of the Web
Selected Site
 Bottom's Dream Ink Link of the Week  Alta Vista Associate

Last Modified:
7 November 2001