Beckett and Film

Consequences of this light for the searching eye

The Cinematic Beckett
This section collects Beckett on film -- both his productions for film and TV, filmed recordings of Beckett plays, and movies based on his work. With the exception of Beckett's own works, the selections represent only those commercially available on DVD or VHS.

The Films
Following each of the below links will take you to a page dedicated to the film, with details, reviews, and relevant links.

Beckett's Own Productions

Film (1965) -- Beckett's original film with Buster Keaton.

Television Plays -- Beckett's own four plays for television. (Planned for the future.)

Recordings of Beckett on Stage

Waiting for Godot (1961) -- Starring Zero Mostel and Burgess Meredith.

Krapp's Last Tape (1971) -- Alan Schneider's historic production starring Jack MacGowran.

Happy Days (Broadway Theater Archive) (1980) -- A recording of David Heeley's broadway production of Happy Days, starring Irene Worth and George Voskovec.

Rockaby (1981) -- The premiere of Rockaby, directed by Alan Schneider and starring Billie Whitelaw, with a documentary on the production itself.

Beckett Directs Beckett (1985) -- The San Quentin Players in productions of Waiting for Godot and Krapp's Last Tape, adapted for TV with the assistance of Beckett.

Samuel Beckett: Three Plays (1988) -- Eh Joe, Footfalls, and Rockaby. Recordings of stage plays produced with Beckett in 1988, each featuring Billie Whitelaw.

Cinematic Adaptations

Peephole Art: Beckett for Television (1989) -- Not I, Quad I & II and What Where produced and directed for television by John Reilly and Melissa Shaw-Smith.

Beckett on Film Project (2001) -- All 19 of Beckett's stage plays, adapated for film by 19 different directors.

Documentary & Academic

Beckett and the Stage (1971) -- A Lecture on Beckett's plays by Colin Duckworth.

What?...Who?...No!...She! (1977) -- James Knowlson talks to actress Billie Whitelaw.

Thirty-nine today (1978) -- James Knowlson talks to actor Max Wall about Krapp's Last Tape.

Samuel Beckett: Silence to Silence -- A documentary made with the coopertation of Beckett himself.

Waiting for Beckett (1994) -- The first American documentary on Beckett.

Samuel Beckett: As the Story Was Told (1996) -- A two-part BBC documentary featuring interviews with Beckett's friends and associates.


Slow Angle Walk (Beckett Walk) (1968) -- A work of video art by Bruce Nauman, inspired by Beckett's early characters.

Samuel Beckett is Coming Soon (1993) -- A comedy by Alan Arkin about a theater company trying to stage Godot.

Pitch 'n' Putt with Beckett and Joyce (2001) -- A three-minute Irish short, Beckett and Joyce play miniature golf while awaiting W.B. Yeats.

Additional Resources

IMDB "Beckett" Page -- The Beckett page on the Internet Movie Database.

--Allen B. Ruch
& Tim Conley
3 June 2003

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