Beckett and Film

Krapp's Last Tape
1971, 54 minutes, B&W

Directed by Alan Schneider

Krapp: Jack MacGowran

The following synopsis is taken from the Pennebaker Hegedus Films page. For a deeper analysis, you may read Apmonia's "Krapp's Last Tape" commentary.

In 1971, Alan Schneider directed an historic video taped performance of Samuel Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape, starring Jack MacGowran. The play dramatized an old man's struggle to repossess his youth by searching through reels of audiotape. As he relives his lost youth and wasted dreams, he desperately tries to reconcile with his younger self. This performance was originally intended for television but never shown and subsequently put away and forgotten for nearly twenty years. The videotape has been restored and will remain a memorial to the late Jack MacGowran, Alan Schneider and William Ritman.

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Krapp's Last Tape
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Additional Information

PH "Krapp's Last Tape" Commentary -- The Krapp's Last Tape entry from the Pennebaker Hegedus Films site. (Requires scrolling.)

Apmonia "Krapp's Last Tape" Commentary -- Tim Conley's commentary on Krapp's Last Tape, online here at Apmonia.

--Allen B. Ruch
& Tim Conley
6 March 2003

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