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Interviews, Conversations & Encounters
Beckett was notoriously disdainful of interviews, so there's not exactly a treasure trove of formal discussions waiting to be linked to. But he did occasionally talk to people, and meetings with Beckett always seemed to leave an impression. This page will collect what few interviews there may be found, as well as anecdotes, conversations, remembrances, meetings, and interviews with Beckett associates.
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Conversations with Beckett

Brownlow on Beckett (On Keaton)
Brownlow, Kevin.
Film West Issue 22
"A few years ago Kevin Brownlow and David Gill made a three part documentary for Thames TV called Buster Keaton - A Hard Act to Follow. The following is an article by Kevin Brownlow on meeting with Beckett in an attempt to persuade him to participate in the documentary."

Book Ends; Beckett in Paris
Brecher, Kenneth S.
New York Times, January 25, 1984.
Herbert Mitgang talks about meeting Beckett in Paris.

Samuel Beckett: Private in Public
Brecher, Kenneth S.
New York Times, June 12, 1988.
A producer talks about his meeting with Beckett. Excerpted from the author's book, Too Sad to Sing: A Memoir With Postcards.

Beckett Remembered
Taylor, Robert.
Boston Globe, December 27, 1989.
Beckett is remembered by, among others, Hugh Kenner and Ned Rorem.

My Friend, Samuel Beckett
Horovitz, Israel
Boston Globe, December 29, 1989.
A remembrance by the Gloucester playwright.

A Few Drinks and a Hymn
Montague, John
New York Times, April 17, 1994.
The author talks about his last meeting with Beckett.

Beckett Associates

An Immediate Bonding With Beckett: An Actress's Memoirs
Gussow, Mel
New York Times, April 24, 1996.
A discussion with noted Beckett actress Billie Whitelaw shortly after her autobiography was published.

The Note Man and the Word Man
Frost, Everett C.
From Samuel Beckett and Music, 1998.
An interview with composer Morton Feldman about composing music for Beckett's Words and Music. Located on the Morton Feldman Page.

--A. Ruch
& Tim Conley
15 March 2001

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