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Do you know what he calls it? The Net. He thinks he’s entangled in a net.

Links to other Online Beckett Sites
The following links will take you a variet of Beckett resources and Web sites. Links to academic papers and essays about Beckett and his work are located on the “Beckett Papers” page of Apmonia, and links to Beckett musical sites are found on the “Music” page. Links added within the last two months are marked as New. If you find any new sites, or if you come across a dead link, please drop us a line.

Quick Guide:
Beckett Organizations – Homepages for official Beckett organizations.
Samuel Beckett Web sites – Comprehensive Beckett Web sites.
Journals & Magazines – Academic and literary publications.
Beckettian Projects & Activities – Art and activities inspired by Beckett
Commercial Resources – Rare books and Beckettian materials for sale.
Miscellania – Anything else related to Beckett!
Beckett Parodies – When Beckett is the punchline....
Electronic Texts – Beckett’s work online.
Utility – Search for current events, newsgroups, and papers.
Irish Literature – A few general resources.

Homepages of Beckett Organizations

Samuel Beckett Endpage – Homepage for the Samuel Beckett Society, the Endpage is one of the largest Beckett resources on the Web, and contains biographical information, notes on his works, criticism, and a very useful bulletin board that features upcoming performances. Highly recommended!

The Beckett International Foundation – The homepage for the BIF, located at Reading University.

The Samuel Beckett Centre – At Trinity Collge. The SBC houses the School of Drama of Trinity College, as well as the Samuel Beckett Theatre and the Dublin University Players Theatre. 

La Maison Samuel Beckett – “The Maison Samuel-Beckett was created in May 1997 for the purpose of gathering together the material, intellectual and human resources necessay for the creation and the management of a Maison Samuel-Beckett in Roussillon-en-Provence. Its principal goal has been, since its inception, to purchase the house where Beckett had lived and to open it to the public as a cultural center.”

Beckett Research Circle of Japan – Meeting twice a year, this group studies Beckett’s work. The are currently planning to hold an international Beckett symposium in 2006.

Beckett Web Sites


The Samuel Beckett On-Line Resources and Links Page – This page boasts a massive constellation of Beckett links. Really, if there is anything at all related to Beckett on the Web, this page will have a link to it! Highly recommended.

Wham, bam! Thank you, Sam! – Penelope Merritt’s cheerful page on Waiting for Godot is pretty much the Godot resource on the Web. Contains explication, analysis, performance notes, and numerous other items of Godot interest!

Biographies & Smaller Link Pages

Evergreen Archive – Their “Feature on Samuel Beckett” contains a small biography, a few small pieces by Beckett, and some “Thoughts on Samuel Beckett.”

Nobel e-Museum Beckett Page – Contains details on the presentation ceremony and a few links.

Nobel Archives Beckett Entry – A page for the 1968 Laureate.

Beckett Descriptive Chronology – A chronology of Beckett’s plays, his theatrical career, and dramatic theories.

Beckett Biography – A nice Beckett bio is online here at the Moonstruck Drama Bookstore.

Subculture’s Beckett Bio – Contains an extensively hyperlinked timeline.

The Unnamable Samuel Beckett – Daniel Lindley’s biography from Biblio.

Bohemian Ink’s Beckett Profile – A page of links with a brief biographical sketch.

Journals and Magazines

Journal of Beckett Studies – Edited by Stanley E. Gontarsky and published by the Florida State University.

Beckett Projects, Art & Activities


Gare St Lazare Players – The Gare St Lazare Players specialize in Beckett adaptations.


Beckett Directs Beckett – This site details the DVD Beckett Directs Beckett, featuring film versions of the 1985 San Quentin Players Godot and Krapp’s Last Tape, both produced for television under the guidance of Beckett.

Channel 4 Beckett Film Page – Extensively details the Beckett Film project, including notes on each of the 19 films.


Roger Cummiskey – Irish artist who is fascinated with Joyce, and has recently turned to Beckett as an inspiration.

Louis Le Brocquy – This prominent Irish artist is especially known for his kinetic sketches of heads, including James Joyce and Samuel Beckett.

Marc Snyder – A tangled intaglio of Godot.

New! Inner to Outer Shadow – Artwork By Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca, inspired by the writings of Samuel Beckett.

New Media & Technology

...the whole thing’s coming out of the dark – Bayerische Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting Association) has placed this multimedia Beckett project online. Part 3 of a larger project involving text, music, spoken words, and images, the site is interactive and invites the public to participate.

The Unknown – The hypertext novel The Unknown frequently riffs on Beckett, and Godot in particular.

Radio Recordings – Downloadable recordings of “Lessness,” Company, and Ill Seen Ill Said.

Commercial Resources

Film & Godot – Foxrock Books also sells Beckett’s Film, with Buster Keaton, and the 1976 version of Waiting for Godot.

Beckett Miscellania

Murphy – Some links about Murphy, from the “Funny Literature” page.

Two Samples of Samuel Beckett’s Handwriting – Letters to Professor Hiebel.

Beckett Parodies, Fiction & Humor

Punctuated Unnamable – Colin Greelaw’s rendition of the last few pages of The Unnamable, organized into punctuated paragraphs.

The Beckett Interviews – From the Hapless Dilettante. Beckett’s “interviews” with Franz Kafka, James Joyce, John Lennon, and so on....

Shem & Sam Comic – Three comic strips about Joyce and Beckett, by Stephen Walsh and Brian O’Toole.

In the Journalistic Trenches – A humorous piece detailing Beckett’s (fictional) stint at the Foxrock Gazette, by Jim Poyser.

Lost Samuel Beckett Play – April 26, 2006. The Onion. Well, it’s either that, or Thomas Pynchon’s memoirs....

Lucky Magazine – The Modern Humorist takes an alternate, Beckettian look at Condé Nast’s new shopping magazine.

Waiting for Krapp – A play by, well, someone pretending to be Samuel Beckett.

Electronic Texts

Algunas obras de Beckett – Contains the complete texts to selected poems, Waiting for Godot, Endgame, Krapp’s Last Tape, and others. – Scroll down about two-thirds in for links to numerous Beckett texts and fragments.


Yahoo News Search – Searched Yahoo for artcles and news related to Beckett.

Irish Literature

International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures – “IASIL was founded in 1969 to serve a growing international interest in Irish writing, with the chartered aims of promoting the teaching and study of Irish literature in third-level education throughout the world. . . .”

Island Ireland: Irish Literature – The Irish Literature page from the new – and quite lovely – Island Ireland site.

Luminarium Irish Links – A vast collection of links to Irish mythology, language, and literature.

The Celtic Quill – Touched off by a Joycean quote, this new Web-zine is dedicated to Irish literature, culture, and art. It is edited by author and Pulitzer Prize nominee Randy Lee Eickhoff.

–Allen B. Ruch
& Tim Conley
12 August 2006

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