Samuel Beckett

Short Plays for Various Media:
Radio, Film & TV

Collected Shorter Plays 1957-1984


Grove Press, 1984, ISBN 0-8021-5055-1; Paperback $15.95 [Browse/Purchase]

This essential book collects all of Beckett's short dramatic works, including Krapp's Last Tape, Play, Film, and all of his radio plays. Though all his short works are indeed included in this single volume, in order to make reviewing easier we have split Beckett's smaller dramatic pieces into two categories, "Short Plays for the Stage," and "Plays for Various Media."
Collected Shorter Plays includes:

All That Fall (Radio)
Act Without Words I (Mime)
Act Without Words II (Mime)
Krapp's Last Tape (Stage)
Rough for Theatre I (Stage)
Rough for Theatre II (Stage)
Embers (Radio)
Rough for Radio I (Radio)
Rough for Radio II (Radio)
Words and Music (Radio)
Cascando (Radio)
Play (Stage)
Film (Film)
The Old Tune (Radio)
Come and Go (Stage)
Eh Joe (TV)
Breath (Stage)
Not I (Stage)
That Time (Stage)
Footfalls (Stage)
Ghost Trio (TV)
...but the clouds... (TV)
A Piece of Monologue (Stage)
Rockaby (Stage)
Ohio Impromptu (Stage)
Quad (TV)
Catastrophe (Stage)
Nacht und Träume (TV)
What Where (Stage)

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--Tim Conley
& Allen B. Ruch
3 March 2003

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