How it is with Samuel Beckett in many parts as it is heard and said. The mediation of the heart, or, as Beckett summed up his own work, simply a stain upon silence, is what we contemplate here. What can be said to that? What can be said about that? What can be said? Sometimes laughter when it seems worth the effort. How it will be with Samuel Beckett to be heard and said. Come in and wait for it all to mean something.

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Sam I Am – 7 August 2006, The New Yorker. Benjamin Kunkel on Beckett’s “private purgatories.”

Ireland Mints Beckett Coin – 27 April 2006, EU Observer. Ireland puts out a Beckett Euro.

Lost Samuel Beckett Play – April 26, 2006. The Onion. Well, it’s either that, or Thomas Pynchon’s memoirs....

Beckett Shorts – Until Jan 20, 2008. New York Theatre Workshop, directed by JoAnne Akalaitis with music by Philip Glass.

Happy Days – Jan 8–Feb 2, 2008. Performance at Brooklyn Academy of Music starring Fiona Shaw.

Endgame – April 25–May 18, 2008. Performance at Brooklyn Academy of Music starring John Turturro.

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Apmonia reviews this unabridged recording by Naxos.
Beckett on Film
19 Beckett plays on DVD, including works directed by Neil Jordan, Atom Egoyan, and David Mamet.
Samuel Beckett Studies
Edited by Lois Oppenheim, part of the Palgrave Advances series. (Review now online)

Well? Shall we go?
Introduction to site, why it’s called Apmonia, and a little bit about the people behind it.

Happiest moment of the past half million
The life of Samuel Barclay Beckett, 1906-1989.

So many words strung together
(Works: Bibliography & Notes for Beginners)
Beckett was a prolific master of many genres, from novels to dramas to unique one-act plays. This section attempts to make sense of his oeuvre, breaking it down by type and commenting on his major works. (Work in progress.)

Critics and reviewers, major and minor, drunk and sober, laughing and crying, in schools and singly, passed up and down
Reviews of works by and about Beckett, as well as reviews of some notable performances.

Oh the stories I could tell you if I were easy.
(Interviews & Conversations)
Though Beckett was not overly fond of granting interviews, this section collects stories, conversations, encounters, and remembrances.

(Academic Criticism, Guides & Books about Beckett)
You would think Estragon thought it was a bad thing! A list of Beckett criticism, guides, annotations and journals, with some commentary on the major works. (Work in progress)

Nicely put, that
Quotations and passages from Beckett’s work, letters, and conversations.

Box Thrree, spool five
(Beckett on Audio)
Beckett had an endless fascination with the human voice and the ways it could be recorded or spatially arranged. This section details recordings of his radio plays, books on tape, and spoken-word performances of his texts.

Consequences of this light for the searching eye
(Beckett on Film)
Cinematic productions of Beckett’s dramas, documentaries about his life, and Beckett’s own work in avant-garde film and television.

Really the theatre seemed to take itself very seriously
(Theater and Performance)
Notable productions and adaptations of Beckett works.

Quite different quite a different music
(Beckett in Music)
Beckett has inspired numerous modern composers, from Luciano Berio to Philip Glass. This section features and reviews their work.

Images, they imagine that by piling on the images they’ll entice me in the end
A Beckett image gallery, with portraits, photographs, and stills from some interesting or historical productions.

Then how could I have known they were paying no attention to me, and how could I repay the compliment, since they were paying no attention to me?
Writers who have been influenced by Beckett, from John Banville to Harold Pinter.

The unenviable position of having to study my work
(Online Papers & Essays)
The largest collection of links to online papers and essays about Beckett and his work available on the Web.

We’re not beginning to . . . to mean something?
Articles written about Beckett and his work.

That’s the idea, let’s contradict each other
(Beckett Online Communities: Reading Groups, Mailing Lists & Newsgroups)
Instructions for getting on Beckett-related Internet communities, some of which conduct group-readings of his work.

You would do better, at least no worse, to obliterate texts
(The Apmonia Bookstore)
Welcome to Apmonia’s bookstore! The most comprehensive catalog of Beckett works and Beckett-related titles, films, and books-on-tape you will find on the Web, directly available for ordering online through You may also look for out-of-print and rare editions here.

Do you know what he calls it? The Net. He thinks he’s entangled in a net.
(Offsite Links)
A collection of links to Beckett organizations, Beckett Web sites, and electronic texts.

Ah the old questions, the old answers, there’s nothing like them!
(FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions)
Do you have a question about Samuel Beckett, this Web site, or the fellow who runs it? Try the Apmonia FAQ file first.

Damn the mail!
Have a question about Beckett or a comment about the site? Email Tim Conley and the Great Quail.

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