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This page collects links to articles about Borges or his work. The entries are arranged in chronological order.
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A Blind Writer with Insight
Shenker, Israel
New York Times, 6 April 1971.
Shenker interviews and writes about Borges.

Borges at M.I.T.
Lisker, Roy
Ferment Magazine, 13 April 1980.
A withering look at the academic circus surrounding Borges during an open panel discussion at M.I.T.

The Library of Babel
Dominic Gates
PreText, October 1997.
About how Borges prefigured digital libraries and the Web.

The Library of Infinity is Opening Near You
William Hoffman
The Doric Column, 18 January 1999.
Borges and the information age.

Why Borges Wished He Was an ‘Israelite’
Ilan Stavans
Forward, 6 August 1999.
Ilan Stavans looks at Borges’ essay “I, a Jew.”

Lost in the Labyrinth
Feed, 14 December 1999.
Madar, Chase
This catty essay states that Borges is overrated, and attackes Borges scholarship as an empty pursuit.

Webmaster Borges
Douglas Wolk, 6 December 1999.
Salon wryly contends that Borges’ biggest inspiration was in fact the Internet, invented years after his death.

The Parallels! Italo Calvino and Jorge Luis Borges
Barth, John
Centre for Book Culture, 4 April 1997.
Novelist John Barth compares Borges and Calvino.

The Librarian of Babel: The Gnostic Imagination of Jorge Luis Borges
Royal, Robert
Christianity Today, Jan/Feb 2001.
This article discusses the devlopment of gnostic themes in Borges’ writing. Requires a membership fee.

A Subaltern Horror
Rowlan, Garrett
The Modern Word, October 2002.
The endless stacks of UCLA’s nine libraries are the catalyst for this reflective piece on Borges’ hexagonal library and its relationship to all great libraries.

–Allen B. Ruch
26 March 2004

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