Borges, los libros y las noches
("The Books and the Night")

1999, Argentina, 82 min.

Directed by Tristán Bauer
Screenwriting by Tristán Bauer & Carolina Scaglione
Music by Frederíco Bonasso
Cinematography by Javier Julia & Alejandro Fernando Moujan

A “documentary fiction” on Borges, the film won the Grand Coral First Prize at the Havana Film Festival. From the Fribourg International Film Festival Web page:

The film passes from a documentary approach to a fictional treatment, providing an insight into the life and work of one of the greatest writers of the Spanish language: Jorge Luis Borges. The film’s texture is a juxtaposition of archive documents and the fascinating labyrinthine world of libraries and books. Walter Santa Ana incarnates the character created by the Argentinean writer, which is no other than Borges himself.

To celebrate the one hundred years of Jose Luis Borges’ birth, Tristán Bauer has achieved a documentary film in which archive documents, interviews and photos recall the most significant moments in the writer’s life, from his political position and disappointments with the Perón regime, to his international success. Tristán Bauer does not limit his work to an historical approach, but creates a subtle and sober reconstruction of the writer’s world: the infinite wells of the strange Library of Babel, multiple corridors, circles, mirrors, staircases and hexagons. In his encounter with Borges’ world and fiction, he succeeds in evoking the atmosphere of his poetry and tales, his literary and metaphysical obsessions.


Tristán Bauer
Manuela Pedraza 2547-7B
CP 1429 Buenos Aires
tel: +54 11 4703 2361
fax: +54 11 4703 2361

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25 March 2004