A Borgesian Gallery
The following are images associated with Jorge Luis Borges. Any links in quotation marks denote text taken from his own collected works. The last section contains some original computer enhancements and artwork that I did. Many of them are sort of experimental, and I offer you them as little postcards to spruce up your desktop. Enjoy!
Image Note: These images are mostly saved as "High" quality (80%) progressive JPEGs. The Web uses images with a resolution of 72dpi, or dots per inch, saved as a GIF or JPEG, which is a compressed image and therefore inferior in quality. Printwork is generally 300+ dpi resolution, which is much higher in quality, and is saved as superior grade TIF or EPS files. This is why printing images from a computer screen gives you poor results. All the images on my site are 72dpi; including here; otherwise they would take too long to download. I advice using them only on your computer. If you want an image of Borges for printwork, you should get permission and scan one in directly form the source.

Borges' Family

Colonel Manuel Isidoro Suárez -- A portrait of Borges' maternal great-grandfather, "Victor at Junín."

Colonel Francisco Borges -- A portrait of Borges' paternal grandfather.

Francisco Borges II -- Another portrait of Borges' paternal grandfather.

Frances Haslam -- A portrait of Borges' paternal grandmother, the Englishwoman "Fannie" Haslam.

Fannie Haslam II -- Another portrait of Fannie.

Isidoro de Acevedo Laprida -- A portrait of Borges' maternal grandfather.

Leonor Súarez Haedo de Acevedo -- A portrait of Borges' maternal grandmother.

Parents -- Early portraits of Borges' parents.

Jorge Guillermo Borges -- Borges' father.

Leonor Acevedo de Borges -- Borges' mother.

Norah -- Borges' sister.

Quilos and the Windmill -- A 1908 photograph of Borges and his sister Norah visiting the Zoo as children.

Family Portrait -- A 1914 photograph of the Borges family in Switzerland.

The Happy Students -- Another photo of Borges and Norah, this was taken while at school in Geneva from 1915-1918.

Borges and his Mother I -- Taken in Texas in 1961, this photograph shows Isidoro de Acevedo Laprida de Borges and her famous son.

Borges and his Mother II -- Borges and his mother at home in 1962.

Borges and his Mother III -- The pair arrive in England in 1963.

Borges and Kodama I -- Taken in Mexico in 1981, Borges and his future wife in México.

Borges and María Kodama II -- Borges and María by the Seine in 1983.

Borges and María Kodama III -- Borges and María in a balloon in California, 1983.

Photographs of Jorge Luis Borges

The Happy Prince -- A childhood photo of Jorge Luis Borges at the age of three.

Fervor de Buenos Aires -- A snazzy portrait of Borges as a young man.

"My soul is in the streets of Buenos Aires" -- Borges in 1923, the year he completed his first book of verse.

"My name is someone and anyone" -- A bespectacled Borges in 1924.

"Now is it a tree or a god there?" -- A rare photograph of a natural Borges.

The Librarian -- Taken by Grete Stern, this photo from 1951 shows a Borges in between library positions.

The Traveling Professor -- A photo of Borges in Texas in 1962.

Madrid -- Borges speaking in Spain in 1963.

"Care of this city of books" -- Borges in the National Library of Argentina.

"Men have lost a face, an irrecoverable face" -- A portrait of the artist.

A classic face -- One of the more famous photographs of Borges.

"The marble gaze of the statues" -- A very serious portrait of Borges.

"Oh destiny of Borges" -- An excellent photograph of the quintessential Borges, sitting in a heavy chair with his cane.

"Blindly the uncertain soul asks to continue" -- A quite interesting photo of Borges with his eyes wide shut.

"Now I look upon this dear world losing shape" -- A small thumbnail of the Maestro.

"I have been horrified before all mirrors" -- Another tiny picture of Borges, this one is in color.

The Guardian of the Books -- Another color photograph, this one shows Borges seated before an empty fireplace.

El hacedor -- A fairly somber image of Borges.

New: Collected Fictions -- Borges in curious repose; used for Collected Fictions.

"In shadow, with a tentative stick, I try the hollow twilight" -- Taken by Grete Stern in 1976, a very English-looking Borges peers forlornly through the bars of a gate.

Señor Professor Borges -- A very happy Borges accepting an honorary degree from the University of Puerto Rico in 1981.

Borges in New York -- A shot taken in New York City by Sylvia Plachy in 1982.

Légion d'honneur -- Borges accepts his highest award in Paris, 1983.

The House of Asterion -- Borges in the Cretan Labyrinth, 1983.

Mallorca -- Borges in Mallorca, 1983.

God's Script -- Borges contemplating an Japanese obelisk, 1983.

"The patient labyrinth of lines traces the image of his own face" -- Borges in his mother's old room in 1984, nine years after her death and two years before his.

"I too am a whim of time, that shifty element" -- Borges in Sicily in 1984.

"My fortune or misfortune does not matter. I am the poet" -- A beautiful photo of Borges in 1985, several months before his death.

Borges with Friends & Associates

Borges & Haydée Lange -- A postcard of the sweethearts in 1938.

Borges & Adolfo Bioy Casares -- The two writers share some time in 1945.

Borges & Estela Canto -- Borges and Estela in 1945.

Borges & Bianca Jagger -- Borges and Bianca Jagger talk in New York City in 1984.


The Library & the Garden -- A photograph of the Borges' home in Palermo, Buenos Aires, where Borges spent his childhood.

But why not a twenty centavo piece? -- The heads & tails of the 1999 Argentine 2-peso coin, which commemorated the Borges centennial.

Dreamtigers -- A woodcut by Antonio Frasconi used to grace the cover of Dreamtigers.

Other Inquisitions -- The rather intriguing cover illustration by Ed Lindlof to the American edition of Other Inquisitions.

Borges: A Life -- David Johnson's wonderful line drawing used for the cover of Woodall's Borges: A Life.

The Library of Babel -- Garden visitor DJH offers this illustration he created of the Library of Babel.

Postcards from Uqbar

The Old Photograph -- "The daguerreotypes present a time stopped in a mirror."

The Ghost -- "The world is a few vague tepid observations."

El Aleph -- "O God, I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself a King of infinite space."

The Torus -- "God has created nights well-populated by dreams."

In the Garden of Stars -- "I walk slowly, like one who comes from so far away he doesn't expect to arrive."

On the Event Horizon -- "To know that we are lost like the river and that faces dissolve like water."

Into the Vortex -- "I am the one who never has unraveled the labyrinth of time."

Ragnarök -- "We drew our heavy revolvers -- all at once there were revolvers in the dream -- and joyously put the gods to death."

--Allen B. Ruch
21 January 2004

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