Borges: Influence and References

David Berlinksi

From: L Kelly,

Borges appears as a character in David Berlinski's The Advent of the Algorithm. Berlinski is a mathematician who has a double life as a novelist. He uses Borges to explain Turing machines and other matters. A brief sample:

"So it is often thought," Borges responded. "It is nonetheless the case that before his death de Cervantes was able to convey his conclusions to certain of his followers in Toulouse, who took it upon themselves to record his essential argument to Occitan. A summary of an Arabic translation of the original argument appears in a note written by Gottfried Liebniz to the French Jesuit and cryptographer, Jean-luc Brice. In 1906, the contents of the steamer trunk belonging to one Ana Shpatalkova, a well-known Moscow ballerina and demimondaine, disclosed a Russian version of de Cervantes's original argument. Thereafter versions of the argument were known to circulate in the commons room of King's College in Cambridge, England."

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A Tour of the Calculus
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