Borges: Influence and References

Neil Gaiman

From: Karen Ostertag,

Your "Libyrinth," which I found while browsing for Eco pages, is a master work! I'm fairly surprised to find anything I might add to it, but I your section on authors influenced by Jorge Luis Borges, you did not include Neil Gaiman, best known as the author of the DC Vertigo series "Sandman." (I grow increasingly suspicious that, in fact, all of my favorite authors know each other.) Gaiman has cited both Eco and Borges as influences in interviews, and every so often one can find a direct reference to a Borges work in the character of Destiny, a blind librarian chained to the dusty book of Fate. (Siderially, another of Gaiman's favorites is G.K. Chesterton, whom Borges also is fond of).

From: Hieu Truong,

One of the more obvious influences is this: in Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Destiny (basically, anthropomorphic personification of the actually concept/force) resides in The Garden of Forking Paths! Influences don't get much louder than that!

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