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Borges: Influence and References

Witold Gombrovicz

From: Séan O'Connell, specteng@iol.ie

Looking down your list of authors, I see no mention of Witold Gombrovicz -- the Polish novelist who was, rather surreally, stranded in Argentina after travelling there on a liner (with the Polish National Soccer Squad as his sole companions!) on the eve of WW II. He went on to spend most of the rest of his life in Argentina. I believe there is a character in his novel TransAtlantic who is a parody of Borges -- Gombrowicz couldn't stand him, it seems. No doubt there are mentions of Borges in Gombrovicz's Journals also. I would doubt that there are sites dedicated to Gombrowicz (although he is a bit of a cult in France). I would also doubt that you would want to put a link in for someone who was probably only influenced to vomit by Borges. However, I do see you refer to Sabato as the 'Anti-Borges' -- here you may be quoting Gombrovicz's hilarious "Philifor/Anti-Philifor" passage from his masterpiece Ferdydurke or, then again, it may be just a Borgesian coincidence.

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Four stories by Gombrovicz, as translated by Christopher Makosa:

Attorney Krakowski's Dancer
Stefan Czarniecki's Memoir
A Premeditated Crime
A Feast at Countess von Duff's

Selected Works by Gombrovicz

by Witold Gombrowicz, et al. Hardcover (May 1994)
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by Witold Gombrowicz, et al. Paperback (December 1995)
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