Peter Nilson
Borges: Influence and References

Peter Nilson (1937-1998)

From: Magnus Wallberg,

Peter Nilson was a Swedish writer and astronomer, author of over twenty books ranging from scientific works on cosmology to works of pure fiction. But the line between his nonfiction and fiction was never solid. Nilson possessed an enormous knowledge of science, and his style of explaining difficult cosmological matters gave his readers access to fantastic ideas, theories and stories -- some of them factual, some of them a mixture of truth and imagination, and some of them "might be true in a certain sense."
Peter Nilson dedicated his essay collection Mitt i labyrinten (In the Middle of the Labyrinth) to Jorge Luis Borges, and takes much inspiration from the Argentine writer. Although there is a Borgesian undertone to all but his purely astronomical works, the books in which the presense of Borges is most strongly felt include: Avgrundsbok (Abyssbook), Äventyret (The Adventure), and Messias med träbenet (Messiah with the Wooden Leg).
My homepage (in Swedish, but I'm working to have it translated to English) is a tribute to Peter Nilson:

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