Borges: Influence and References

Jose Saramago

From: Daniel Balderston,

Apropos of Haslam's General History of Labyrinths -- this is what Ricardo Reis is reading in Saramago's novel The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis (about Fernando Pessoa and one of his heteronyms.)

From: Avnimelech Rani,

I loved your Libyrinth, especially the Porta Ludovica (but why not "Filada's Bar?")
Recently, I came across another link between The Name of the Rose and Borges (the 560th link I assume): In Saramago's new book The Year of the Death of Ricardo Reis one of the characters reads a book named The God of the Labyrinth by Quain, which as a footnote revealed is a book (+author) which existed only in one of Borges's works, and is disappointed to find out its just a detective story.

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Literature as History: José Saramago's O Ano da Morte de Ricardo Reis -- This paper by Chris Rollason discusses the intertextuality and historical context of Saramago's novel. It also brings up the impact of Borges on the novel.

A Meeting with José Saramago at the European Parliament -- Chris Rollason reports on Saramago's speech in Brussels, March 23, 1999.

Saramago Bio -- A small bio from the Pegasos site.

Saramago Homepage -- The "Saramago Home Page." (Spanish)

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