Valeria Munarriz:
Chante Jorge Luis Borges

This album contains 14 tangos, milongas, and songs written by various artists around the poetry of Borges and sung by Valeria Munarriz.
Although I am familiar with the delightful music of Astor Piazzolla, realistically I can make no claims to expertise in Argentine music, and I can barely distinguish between a tango and a milonga. That being said, however, I do enjoy this album. The range of music is both interesting and well varied, from the exuberance of the Piazzolla settings to cello-and-counterpoint darkness of those by J.L. Castiñeira de Dios. The lyrics are all from Borges' Argentine poems, milongas, and patriotic verse -- very "Fervour de Buenos Aires," which gives the whole album a deliciously gritty, vivid feel. Munarriz has a wonderful voice, passionate and expressive, at times recalling a Latin Ute Lemper. The variety of pieces selected provides an excellent showcase for her voice, from the defiant fire of "El General Quiroga" to the French torchiness of "Ausencia" to the passion of "Al Horizonte," perhaps my favorite song in the collection.
The CD is, however, a French import; and as such, all the liner notes and Spanish translations are in French, not English. I have been told, however, that there may be an English re-issue scheduled for early 2001.

Track Listing

Chante Jorge Luis Borges

1. Alguien le Dice al Tango (2:41)
(J.L. Borges -- Astor Piazzolla)

2. Al Horizonte de un Suburbio (4:10)
(J.L. Borges -- J.L. Castiñeira de Dios)

3. El General Quiroga va en Coche al Muere (1:57)
(J.L. Borges -- Victor Proncet/Mario Cosentino)

4. Ausencia (3:54)
(J.L. Borges -- J.L. Castiñeira de Dios)

5. El Titere (2:35)
(J.L. Borges -- Astor Piazzolla)

6. Milonga de los Morenos (3:18)
(J.L. Borges -- Julián Plaza)

7. A un Gato (2:18)
(J.L. Borges -- J.L. Castiñeira de Dios)

8. El Tango (3:31)
(J.L. Borges -- J.L. Castiñeira de Dios)

9. Milonga de Don Nicanor Paredes (2:41)
(J.L. Borges -- Astor Piazzolla)

10. El Amenazado (4:34)
(J.L. Borges -- J.L. Castiñeira de Dios)

11. Milonga de Jacinto Chiclana (2:39)
(J.L. Borges -- Astor Piazzolla)

12. Tankas (2:59)
(J.L. Borges -- J.L. Castiñeira de Dios)

13. Milonga de los dos Hermanos (3:23)
(J.L. Borges -- Carlos Guastavin)

14. El Caso de la Esquina Rosada (9:12)
(J.L. Borges -- Victor Proncet/Mario Cosentino)


Anibal Binelli -- Bandoneon
Arturo Eric Schneider -- Flute
Ricardo Lew, Osvaldo Figueras -- Guitars
Rubén Rada -- Congas
Antonio Agri, Esteban Prentcki -- Violin
Carlos Bolo, Eduardo Ferrer, Fernando Galimani -- Bass

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Sings Jorge Luis Borges
Valeria Munarriz / Audio CD / Released 2001
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