Born Mario Rubén Gonzáles in the Argentine province of Córdoba, Jairo changed his name in 1969 to an Aramaic word meaning “The Faithful Illuminated.” A popular singer who works primarily in the Spanish language, Jairo has toured Europe extensively, winning several major awards and recording songs in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German. He has also cooperated with numerous authors, poets, and theater companies, and has released several albums.

Borges-Related Works

Jairo canta Borges (1976). An album of settings of Borges poems.

Borges & Piazzolla (1996). A recording of the works on the 1965 El Tango LP, this CD features Daniel Binelli, Jairo, and Lito Cruz. (Located under the Piazzolla section.)

More Information

Jairo Homepage – Jairo’s official Web site. (Spanish)

Jairo Biography – Located on the Last Call Music page. (French)


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