Phish covering They Might be Giants; X collide with XTC; The Mighty Mighty Bosstones in a bar brawl with Camper Van Beethoven; these are only vague pointers towards a description of PopCanon's sound. An unsigned band hailing from Gainesville Florida, PopCanon have carved a niche all their own, with offbeat elements of jazz, ska, klezmer and country spicing an already tasty brew of muscular pop rhythms, bizarre time signatures, and clever college-radio hooks. Eclecticism seems to be their watchword, and their lyrics reflect this as well, covering a wide range of unusual subjects that include semantics, astral projection, sexual positions, and postmodern literature. Indeed, their first CD, The Kingdom of Idiot Rock, contains songs built around the likes of Eco, Pynchon, Derrida, Coover, Joyce, and . . . Borges.

Borges-related Works

Labyrinths -- A track from their first CD, The Kingdom of Idiot Rock, this song is a jazzy homage to Borges' works.

PopCanon on the Libyrinth

Bloomsday -- A song that juxtaposes a Bloomsday reading with a performance art crucifixion. Detailed at Bronze by Gold.

The Treasure of the Temple -- This song, inspired by Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum, is featured at Porta Ludovica.

Wanda Tinasky -- Is Wanda Tinasky really Thomas Pynchon? Detailed at Spermatikos Logos


PopCanon Web Page -- PopCanon has yet to be signed by a major label, but they have been developing quite a following in Florida, and they support themselves vigorously through newsletters, mailing lists, and a full Web page. You can visit their page, where you can learn more about the band and purchase their CDs.

Reviews of Kingdom -- They definitely make for some fun reading.

You can also purchase The Kingdom of Idiot Rock directly online from CD.Baby.com:

The Kingdom of Idiot Rock
$10.00. Pop Canon / Audio CD / Released 1997


PopCanon Earth Headquarters
POB 14872
Gainesville, FL 32604
Hot Line: (352) 377-8978
E-mail: popcanon@popcanon.com
PopCanOnLine: www.popcanon.com


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