Jungle Mind


May 2004:
New Weird: I Think We’re the Scene
Literature, genre fiction, and the problem with labels.

June 2004:
Denton Welch: Doomed to Perennial Rediscovery
A look at the underappreciated Denton Welch (1915-1948), English writer and journalist.

August 2004:
Virgilio Piñera Swam on Dry Land
An appreciation of the short ficciones of Cuban writer Virgilio Piñera.

November 2004:
Eight. One. One. Twenty-five.
Eric Basso, genre, and beak doctors.

January 2005:
MALPERTUIS, A Pagan and Catholic and Gothic and Carnivalesque and Modernist and Surrealist Tragedy
Jean Ray, the so-called “Belgian Poe.”

April 2005:
On Memoirs of a Ghost, by G.W. Stonier
Thoughts on Stonier’s ghostly narrative.

May 2005:
On The City of Dreadful Night, by James Thomson
Thoughts on Thomson's Victorian city poem.

October 2006:
Fantasy Now!
Modern fantasy in an American age of mass market media.

June 2007:
Eva the Fugitive
Thoughts on Rosamel de Valle’s recently-translated surrealist story of love and confusion.

Michael Cisco is the author of The Divinity Student, which received the International Horror Guild’s award for Best First Novel of 1999, as well as The Tyrant (2004), and a number of other forthcoming novels. He’s just finished his PhD at New York University, and considers himself “The Melville Guy.” His Web site goes by the name of Prosthetic Libido. His column Jungle Mind appears on The Modern Word.

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