Joyous Anarchy


June 2004:
Art is the Saboteur
Kuspit, Johnson, Saatchi, and the sad state of modern art. Or is it postart?

August 2004:
Hanging Chains on Sunbeams
Sunlight, suicidal poets, and the quantification of the creative process.

January 2005:
Duyser’s Snack, the Science of Sanctity, and other Members of the Orchestra
A reflection on the Beatification of Gaudi.

May 2006:
Interview with Robert Majzels
Emmet Cole interviews Robert Majzels, author of Apikoros Sleuth, a murder mystery in the form of a Talmudic inquiry.

Emmet Cole is a journalist and writer from Ireland. His work has appeared in Red Herring, The Irish Times, and BookView Ireland. He co-authored a comedy play, The Indestructible Sandwich with Mid-Day columnist, Rohit Gupta, and is currently working on a novel. His column Joyous Anarchy will appear monthly on The Modern Word.

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