Joyous Anarchy

Joyous Anarchy

Interview with Robert Majzels


Emmet Cole interviews Robert Majzels, author of Apikoros Sleuth, a murder mystery in the form of a Talmudic inquiry.
The interview is available as a PDF.
Note: It's possible to read this PDF on-screen, but the quasi-Talmudic format of the interview, in which some of the threads and columns extend over several pages, lends itself more to the printed page. Thus, we recommend that you print the text out (preferably at someone else's expense) and enjoy it that way instead.

Emmet Cole
13 May 2006

Emmet Cole is a journalist and writer from Ireland. His work has appeared in Red Herring, The Irish Times, and BookView Ireland. He co-authored a comedy play, The Indestructible Sandwich with Mid-Day columnist, Rohit Gupta, and is currently working on a novel. His column Joyous Anarchy will appear monthly on The Modern Word.

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