The Modern Word’s Contests
Every few months, The Modern Word runs a literary-based contest open to all visitors. Although the winners receive a parcel of books as a prize, the most imaginative entries are also posted permanently on the site itself. This page details links to contests and serves as an archive for previous competitions.

Current Contest

James Joyce Essay Contest: Sixth Annual Joyce Essay
Students must address one topic.

Previous Contests

Contest #1: Imaginary Book Review
(August 2003)
Write a review of an imaginary book.

Contest #2: Adaptation
(March 2004)
Take an existing book and imagine a unique cinematic adaptation.

Contest #3: The Discovery
(November 2004)
Detail a startling literary discovery.

James Joyce Essay Contest: Second Annual Contest Results
“How has reading James Joyce helped me to think about my own life?”

James Joyce Essay Contest: Third Annual Contest Results
“Dangerous Joyce”

James Joyce Essay Contest: Fourth Annual Joyce Essay
“The greatest writer of the 21st century...”