The Professor

Sext: In which Adso admires the door of the church

Eco Image Gallery
The following are images associated with Umberto Eco. Some have been stolen from other Internet sites, some have been carefully scanned in from existing photographs, and some have been created with a Macintosh using an RCA Camcorder, FusionRecorder, and Adobe Photoshop. The last section contains some original computer enhancements and artwork that I did. Many of them are sort of experimental, and I offer you them as little postcards to spruce up your desktop. Enjoy!
Image Note: These images are mostly saved as "High" quality (80%) progressive JPEGs. The Web uses images with a resoultion of 72dpi, or dots per inch, saved as a GIF or JPEG, which is a compressed image and therefore inferior in quality. Printwork is generally 300dpi resolution minimum, which is much higher in quality, and is saved as superior grade TIF or EPS files. This is why printing images from a computer screen gives you poor results. All the images on my site are 72dpi; including here; otherwise they would take too long to download.

Photographs of Eco

There is no Colonel Ardenti. . . . -- A photo of the author taken by Lee Romero, Eco looks deep in conversation, cigarette in hand.

The Curious Learning of the Wits of the Day -- Taken by Nancy Crampton, this is a very nice photo used for The Island of the Day Before.

Great Writer "E" -- A black and white photo from the A-Z of Great Writers.

In the Aedificium -- A delightful picture of Eco surrounded by books.

The Polychronic Author -- A polychromatic photograph of a polychronic personality.

The Tenth Degree of Humility -- A photograph of Eco laughing at one of Jorge of Burgos' wonderful jokes.

The Professor -- Eco delivering a lecture.

Looking for the Fixed Point -- A lovely photograph of Eco taken by Michael Powell.

At Home in Alcatraz -- Eco in his summer house in the hills of Rimini, taken in 1996.

Hills of Rimini -- Another photo of Eco at his summer home.

A Man's Best Friend -- Taken in 1996, this photo shows Eco playing with his sister's dog, Best.


Caricature -- A lovely sketch of Eco by Tom Bachtell.

The Blue Period -- The cover of Interpretation and Overinterpretation.

Sean and Christian -- The movie poster for The Name of the Rose.

Foucault's Pendulum -- A small GIF of the actual device in Paris.

Eidolons from the Speculum Melitensis

Monologue on the Plurality of Worlds -- "Initiation travels an endless Moebius strip."

Delights for the Ingenious: A Collection of Emblems -- ". . . before attempting to decipher a passage in secret writing they should invoke the names of angels . . ."

The Soul of Ferrante -- "The Double is a reflection that the character pulls behind himself or that precedes him every situation . . . The reflection of the fear that each man has of himself . . . "

The Great Art of Light and Shadow -- "In the second sefirah the dark aleph changes into the luminous aleph."

Unheard-of Curiosities -- Abulafia is programmed in the image of his maker. We all know he gets his ideas from the disembodied head of Lavoisier, which is what he really found in that Jesuit hideaway in Rimini. . . .

Dialogues on the Maximum Systems -- In search of the Punto Fijo, Eco is superimposed over an antique map of the heavens.

--A. Ruch
5 August 2002

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