Umberto Eco
How beautiful the world would be if there were a procedure for moving through labyrinths. . .

Eco on the Web

La Repubblica


Eco frequently writes for Italy’s La Repubblica. The link above will take you to their search page (“Ricerca nel sito”), where you may type in “Umberto Eco” for a directory of his recent writings.

La Bustina di Minerva


“La Bustina di Minerva,” Umberto Eco’s column for L’Espresso, an Italian weekly, is online at their site. Of course, they are written in Italian, and you have to perform a search for them. New columns can be found under “Le Opinioni.”

Umberto Eco Pages & Links

Books and Writers Umberto Eco Page – Petri Liukkonen’s Eco page contains a biographical sketch and a bibliography.

Gary Radford’s Eco Page – Professor Gary Radford, author of On Eco, maintains a small Eco page. It includes a BBC radio interview, several images, and his reflections about meeting Umberto Eco, an event he reckons to a “modern fairy tale.”

Umberto Eco Links – A collection of links from Robert Daeley’s Bohemian Ink Web site.

Eco’s Occult Profile – You want to know Eco’s biorhythms, rune stone and the numerological significance of his name? Sure you do!

Academia, Lectures & Writings – The complete texts to The Name of the Rose, Foucault’s Pendulum, and The Island of the Day Before.

WBUR: Eco on Baudolino – A Real Audio archive of Eco’s October 15, 2002 talk in Boston.

The Future of Books Lecture Notes – By Sieglinde Gillmayr. The author’s short notes on “The Future of Books” lecture Eco delivered in Vienna.

Marginalia: Dreaming the Middle Ages – A corner of Georgetown University’s Labyrinth Medieval project, this site is maintained by Ann Hahn Buechner and expores the fascination the Middle Ages still hold for us. Eco’s ideas are used as an organizational principle.

The World According to Eco – Hosted by HotWired, this is the text of the Wired 5.03 interview with Eco conducted by Lee Marshall. This article also appears on Porta Ludovica’s Interview section.

El mundo según Eco – A Spanish version of the Wired article, translated by Julio De León and located on his “Finis Africae” site.

Dentro Eco, c’è Baudolino viaggiatore del tempo – November 11, 2000 La Repubblica, by Maria Corti. An Italian article about Eco and Baudolino. (Italian)

Eco-Related Subjects

Hyperreality – Anders Ojgaard’s flashy site is an exploration of “hyperreality,” and it features both Jean Baudrillard and Umberto Eco.

Name of the Rose Study Page – Professor Earl Anderson’s online guide for students studying Eco’s The Name of the Rose.

New! Foucault’s Pendulum Art – Inspired by Eco’s novel, the artist Lukas Arciniegas has created a series of beautiful illustrations.

The Mystery of the Abbey – A Clue-like commercial board game loosely based on The Name of the Rose and the Cadfael mysteries.

Umberto Eco’s Multiple Name – An Italian site that details a “conspiracy” linked to Eco. This site comes in both flavors – English and Italian.

Umberto Eco Films – The entry on Umberto Eco at the Internet Movie Database.

Spinning Foucault’s Pendulum at the Panthéon – An article about the real Foucault’s Pendulum, with a lovely picture.

Searches & Utility

Yahoo News Search – Searched Yahoo for artcles and news related to Eco.

Bibliofind Search – This link searches for rare and out-of-print books via Bibliofind.

Powell’s Eco Search – This link searches for rare and out-of-print books by or about Eco via Powell’s Bookstore.

Internet Bookshop Italia – Italian speakers may wish to order some of Eco’s works here.


Semiotics at the University of Colorado – A link-filled semiotics page maintained by Martin Ryder.

–Allen B. Ruch
27 April 2006

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