The Days Before

Eco in Music
I have found only a few works of music that have been inspired by Eco -- particularly Robert Wilson's The Days Before, and a song by the Florida PoMo rockers, PopCanon. If anyone would like to suggest something else, please email me!

Main Collection

The Days Before -- Robert Wilson's millennial blend of theater, music, and text. (Pictured above.)

Treasure of the Temple -- A, Eco-inspired song from PopCanon's deliciously literate CD, The Kingdom of Idiot Rock.


"The name of the ROSE"
This is all the info we have: the first full length album by the Japanese glam-goth band, D, is called The name of the ROSE [sic]. The cover image and tracklisting can be found here. Lord only knows in what ways, if any, it references Eco's first novel, but given that the band members are named such polyglot amalgamations as JE*REVIENS, As'REAL, and Claire de Lune (the capitalization, as in the album title, seems to matter), they either subscribe to Eco's linguistic notions or just borrowed the name because it sounds cool. Any Japanese readers want to chime in on this one?

MC Solaar
"Illico presto"
The premier French rapper MC Solaar references Eco twice in a song off his 1997 album, Paradisiaque. The song's called "Illico presto." and one of the best lines is, "Tout est dit dans Umberto Eco..." Full lyrics. [Thanks to Frank Privette]

Umberto Eco and the Bunnymen
For whatever reason, someone created a farcical account of fictional rock group, Umberto Eco and the Bunnymen, "an '80s New Wave band during the heyday of Italian New Wave... known to their fans as U Eat B." Ahh, the Internet.

--Allen B. Ruch, Erik Ketzan
28 September 2005

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