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Hello, and welcome to Porta Ludovica! And a special congratulations to any visitors from Milan who have managed to break free from “Milanese Space,” but I regret to inform you that this Porta Ludovica exists only in cyberspace, and will not help you in triangulating your way back to Piazza Napoli. Sorry!
Umberto Eco is an Italian writer of fiction, essays, academic texts, and children’s books, and certainly one of the finest authors of the twentieth century. A professor of semiotics at the University of Bologna, Eco’s brilliant fiction is known for its playful use of language and symbols, its astonishing array of allusions and references, and clever use of puzzles and narrative inventions. His perceptive essays on modern culture are filled with a delightful sense of humor and irony, and his ideas on semiotics, interpretation, and aesthetics have established his reputation as one of academia’s foremost thinkers.

Interview with Richard Dixon – we talk with the translator of Eco's sixth novel, The Prague Cemetery (11/2011).

The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana Annotation Project - An ever-growing resource on the countless allusions and quotations in Umberto Eco's latest novel. The Annotation Project is a wiki, a web page that anyone can modify.

Interview with Geoff Brock – Eco's new translator on the upcoming publication of The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana, Eco's fifth novel.

Key to The Name of the Rose
Adele Haft’s guide to Eco’s novel has been reprinted! Here is the Porta Ludovica review.

Mystery of the Abbey
A murder mystery game loosely based on Name of the Rose.

Umberto Eco Wiki – a place for annotation, commentary and analysis of Eco's works.

New Modern Word forum! – Come discuss Umberto Eco and our other featured writers at our new forum, The Fictional Woods.

Eco on the Diane Rehm Show
Eco talks on WAMU of Washington, D.C. with host Diane Rehm about Queen Loana. Streaming audio available, and you can also purchase the program on tape or CD.

Special Note
Porta Ludovica is not associated with UmbertoEco.com. In fact, that Web site has plagiarized Porta Ludovica extensively, and used our original (and copyrighted) materials without permission.

The Prague Cemetery
Eco's sixth novel.
The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana
Eco's fifth novel.
On Literature
A collection of essays about literature.
Paradox of Porta Ludovica (A Study of Ambiguous Triangulation)

A short explanation on who I am and why this site is named for a place that may or may not be in Milan.

My name is Umberto Umberto
A small biographical sketch of Umberto Eco.

I construct Aristotelian Machines, that allow anyone to see with Words
(Works – Fiction & Nonfiction)
A look at his literary output, from his novels to his academic texts. Most have a small summary and some commentary.

Unheard-of Curiosities
(Eco’s Writings & Essays)
A collection of essays and short writings by Umberto Eco avalaible online for perusal.

Reviewers will unhesitatingly recommend it as required reading in the schools
Reviews of works by and about Eco, culled from newspapers, magazines, and online sources.

In the construction of Immortal Fame you need first of all a cosmic shamelessness
(Interviews & Articles)
The Professor in interview and articles; also culled from newspapers, magazines, and online sources.

A novel, which is a machine for generating interpretations
Articles and books of academic criticism written about Eco and his works.

Mystical. Dramatic. Baroque. Algolagnical. Scatological. Sadomasochistic.
A collection of interesting quotations and remarks made by Eco in his fiction and nonfiction.

I shrink into one remote corner of my mind, to draw from it a story
(Books on Tape)
A listing and review of some audio versions of Eco’s novels.

The Great Art of Light and Shadow
(Cinema, Theater & Music)
Eco’s works and influences in non-printed media, from the film The Name of the Rose to Robert Wilson’s The Days Before.

Sext: In which Adso admires the door of the church
Photographs of Eco and of subjects relating to his works, plus a few interesting things I created myself with Photoshop after a zillion cups of coffee.

Sir, no person of sense believes in these historiettes!
(Papers about Eco)
Links to a few papers or essays related to Eco found around the Web.

The Curious Learning of the Wits of the Day
(Eco Online Communities: Reading Groups, Mailing Lists & Newsgroups)
Links to Eco-ralted online communities, including Specula, the new Umberto Eco Mailing List.

Advancing into the forest of resemblances
Links to other sites relating to Eco or his works.

I would advise against getting involved with a man like this: we’ll end up with a mountain of his books in the warehouse
A very comprehensive catalog of Eco works and Eco-related titles, directly available for ordering online through Amazon.com Books.

“You cannot believe what you are saying.”
(FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions)
Do you have a question about Umberto Eco, this Web site, or the fellow who runs it? Try the Porta Ludovica FAQ file first.

That one is a heron, he said to himself, that a crane, a quail.
Send email to the Great Quail – comments, suggestions, corrections, criticisms, submissions . . . all are welcome.

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