How does one know, then, which is the final version?

One Hundred Years of Solitude: A Study Guide

Brenda K. Marshall
Read by F. Murray Abraham; A+ Audio of Time Warner Audio, ISBN 1-57042-112-9; 1 Cassette (67 minutes) $8.00

Written by Brenda K. Marshall PhD, author of Teaching the Post Modern, this cassette is a study guide to García Márquez's most famous work. It includes a cassette and a booklet.

The cassette, read by F. Murray Abraham, has the following subjects:

1. Introduction to Magical Realism
2. Detailed Narrative Guide
3. Dramatic Readings from the Text
4. Critical Analysis
5. Music from Ravel's "Rapsodie Espagnole" and "Estrada de Sol"

The booklet has the following sections:

1. Character List
2. Scene by Scene Synopsis
3. Glossary of Terms
4. Sample Test and Relevant Questions
5. Study reference for Books, Music, and Film

Love and Other Demons

Read by Natasha Richardson
Random House Audio, ISBN 0-679-44324-X; 4 Cassettes (5 Hours) $25.00. Out of Print.

An unabridged reading of the novel by Natasha Richardson, this audio book is now out of print. Reviews or comments are welcome.

--A. Ruch
26 January 2001

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