"Don't worry," the colonel consoled her. "The mail comes tomorrow."

García Márquez Internet Mailing Lists
The following are to Gabo related lists and clubs avaliable to users of the Internet. Simply follow the link and follow the instructions. If this is your first time using OneList or Yahoo! Clubs, you will be asked to register -- don't panic, it's free and easy!

Macondo Post: the García Márquez Mailing List

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Moderated & Founded by The Great Quail

This is a fairly new Mailing List devoted to the works of García Márquez. Just click the above link to join!

The South American Authors Mailing List

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Moderated & Founded by Silvia Granato

According to the official description, the SA Author List is "a place for readers/writers interested in talking and trading information on South American writers. If you like the work of García Márquez, Pablo Neruda, Garcia Lorca, Mario Vargas Llosa, Isabel Allende or any other SA writer, or if you are interested in discussing South American country's recent history, please subscribe."
The List is currently planning a group reading of Julio Cortázar's collection of short stories, Blow Up.

García Márquez Yahoo! Club

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Moderated & founded by Angel Book.

This is a gathering place for Gabo fans, and acts as a chat room, bulletin board, and resource page.


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Moderated & Founded by Allen B. Ruch

Created and maintained by The Modern Word, this list is open to all enthusiasts of experimental twentieth century literature. García Márquez is frequently discussed.

--Allen B. Ruch
2 June 2003

His fervour for the written word was an interweaving of solemn respect and gossipy irreverence -- Send email to the Great Quail -- comments, suggestions, corrections, criticisms, submissions . . . all are welcome!

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