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A Gabo Image Gallery
The following are images associated with Gabriel García Márquez. Macondo would especially like to thank and credit Sean Dolan, whose Gabriel García Márquez laid the groundwork for many of these images, and Cathleen Toelke, whose wonderful artwork so captures the essence of Gabo’s fiction.
Image Note: These images are mostly saved as “High” quality JPEGs. The Web uses images with a resolution of 72dpi, or dots per inch, saved as a GIF or JPEG, which is a compressed image and therefore inferior in quality. Printwork is generally 300dpi resolution minimum, which is much higher in quality, and is saved as superior grade TIF or EPS files. This is why printing images from a computer screen gives you poor results.

Photographs of García Márquez

The Smoking Journalist – García Márquez in the early fifties, as a spiffy looking journalist, complete with the mandatory Latin American cigarette.

“Just a word, Señor!” – García Márquez in a sea of reporters.

“So, I’ve been thinking about this book...” – García Márquez and Fernando Birri.

Snappy Dresser – García Márquez in a cravat.

The Happy Laureate – Taken in 1982, this photo is of a very happy García Márquez holding his new disk of Swedish gold.

The Classic Portrait – The photo of the older, serious looking García Márquez that adorns all the HarperPerennial paperbacks.

“Oprah, is that you?” – An older García Márquez on the phone.

Call me Gabo – Another photograph of the author in a relaxed and happy moment.

Content in 1988 – Taken by Helmut Newton in 1988, this photo shows a very content Colombian in a somewhat Napoleonic pose.

Snowfall – Gabo in a European city, with what appears to be snow in his hair.

On Assignment – A very serious-looking color photo from the Nineties; used for News of a Kidnapping.

New Edition – Taken by Patrick Curry, this is the press photo used by Random House.

Hello, Fellow Colombians! – Taken by Marcelo Salinas, Gabo waves to the crowds in San Vicente de Cagun.

García Márquez with Friends

In the Gardens of Exile – A photo taken in Paris in 1956, García Márquez is slumming with Pablo Neruda. Check out the cool suit!

The Author and the Dictator – García Márquez and Fidel Castro in the 1980s, probably talking about black bean soup, Bram Stoker, or the perfidious Yanks.


Love in the Time of Cholera – Gabo’s parents in the early eighties.

All in the Family – Taken in Paris shortly before winning the Nobel Prize in 1982, this photo shows the author with his wife Mercedes and their son, Gonzalo.


Collected Novellas – A striking illustration by Cathleen Toelke, used to adorn Collected Novellas.

Collected Stories – An illustration by Cathleen Toelke, used to adorn Collected Stories.

In Evil Hour – Cathleen Toelke’s beautiful illustration for his 1962 novella.

One Hundred Years of Solitude – A portion of the famous bookcover, a painting by Toelke.

Autumn of the Patriarch – My favorite of all Cathleen Toelke’s illustrations.

Sierva María – From the jacket painting of Love and Other Demons, this is Thomas Woodruff’s bewitching portrait of Sierva María.


La casa – A photograph of the house in Aracataca, where García Márquez spent the first eight years of his life.

Erendira – The cover to the video of the 1983 Mexican film Erendira, this picture is of the gorgeous Claudia Ohana

Offsite Images & Art

Gabriel García Márquez (1983) – A portrait of Gabo in relief-block print by Stephen Alcorn.

El Viaje Gabo (2005) – Inspired by Gabo’s writing, photographer Joshua Marcus made a literary pilgrimage through Colombia, taking some wonderful photographs along the way.

!Gabo (2006) – An amusing caricature of García Márquez by illustrator Jose Mercader.

–Allen B. Ruch
8 June 2007

Special thanks and appreciation to Cathleen Toelke, HarperPerennial, and Sean Dolan.

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