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Offsite Links
This page contains links to other sites around the Web that pertain to Gabriel García Márquez, with two exceptions – papers and reviews may be found on the “Papers” and “Reviews” pages, and links to purchasing books may be found on the “Bookstore” page. If you know of a link that should be included, please email it to Macondo.

Cambio & Gabo’s Own Words

Cambio Magazine – This is the homepage of Cambio magazine, the Colombian literary magazine recently purchased by Gabriel García Marquez.

One Hundred Years of Solitude – The complete text online at

”The Mysteries of Bill Clinton” – Held at, this is an article penned by Gabo for Cambio magazine.

Shipwrecked on Dry Land – From the March 29, 2000 New York Times, this op-ed piece is a compassionate plea to consider the mental stability of the 6-year old Cuban “refugee” Eliás Gonzáles.

García Márquez Pages

Yahoo! García Márquez Club – This is a gathering place for Gabo fans, and acts as a chat room, bulletin board, and resource page. Feel free to join!

Bohemian Ink Page – The Gabo entry for the once excellent, but now sorely out of date “Bohemian Ink” Web site.

Nobel Laureate Homepage – This page on García Márquez is part of the Nobel Laureate Web site. It contains some useful links to Boston Globe newspaper articles about Gabo.

Gabo Site – A page designed for a high school class project, by the “FABULOUS Angie, Lori, Nini, and Leslie G.” Be warned! The page is, ah, rather colorful.

Pegasos García Márquez Page – A small biography based from the Pegaos site.

Literature Online García Márquez Page – Most useful for its biography, this small page is designed to support Kennedy and Gioia’s Literature, 7th Edition.

Hispanos Famosos: García Márquez – This entry on Gabo is from the wonderful “Famous Hispanics” Web site.

Un prologo de Gabriel García Márquez – A small homepage entirely in Spanish.

Pages about his Works

Chronicle of a Death Foretold Page – A page based on the work of a class in Kuala Lumpur, Breen O’Reilly’s attractive site serves as a resource for this novella.

One Hundred Years of Solitude – A whole site devoted to Gabo’s masterpiece, maintained by Margaret Lee.

Notes and Thoughts on 100 Years – A class project from St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, this site holds student writings, colorful pictures, and a family tree.

NYU Medical Gabo – This unusual page surveys some of Gabo’s works in a medical/psychological light, giving some professional annotations. Part of NYU’s “Medical Humanities/Literature Arts & Medicine” site.

García Márquez Related Art & Music


Florencia en el Amazonas – The Houston Grand Opera’s page on this Gabo-inspired opera. Written by the Mexican composer Daniel Catán, Florencia en el Amazonas “explores Gabriel García Márquez’s vision of magical realism.”

Adventure in Opera – A preview and description of Florencia en el Amazonas from the Seattle Times, March 15, 1998.

Daniel Catán Page – From the Boosey & Hawkes Web site, this is a small page on the Gabo-influenced composer of Florencia en el Amazonas.

Roger Reynolds Homepage – Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, this modern composer has written many avant-garde works based on texts by García Márquez, Joyce, Borges, Kundera, and others. . . .


New! Música y Músicos en la obra de García Márquez – A wonderful series by Colombian artist Claudia Ruiz, these works represent “the outstanding, presence of music in the novels and short stories of Gabriel García Márquez.”

Een Dagreis naar Macondo – A project by Dutch photographer Hannes Wallrafen, who has captured the essence of Macondo is a series of beautiful photographs. (The “Macondoserie” is accessible from the menu on the left frame.)

Searches & Utility Search – This will search news groups related to Gabo.

Yahoo News Search – Searched Yahoo for artcles and news related to Gabo.

Northern Light – This will search Northern Light for online articles and sites about Gabo and his work.

eBay García Márquez Auctions – Find out what fellow Gabo enthusiasts and collectors have to offer at eBay.

Bibliofind García Márquez Search – This link searches for rare and out-of-print books by or about García Márquez via Bibliofind.

Powell’s García Márquez Search – This link searches for rare and out-of-print books by or about García Márquez via Powell’s Bookstore.

IPL Collection – The Internet Public Library’s collection of García Márquez Papers.

Miscellaneous Gabo

Nobel Prize Press Release – This is the 1982 press release from the Swedish Academy, naming Gabo as the recipient of the Nobel Prize in literature.

Margin – This cheerfully designed site is a celbration of “magical realism.”

Magical Realism LinksMargin’s link page, which explores sites and resources concerning this controversial term.

Gabo visits Georgetown University – A page commemorating García Márquez’ 1997 visit at GU, this site holds some nice photographs and a few memoirs.

Crónica de una muerta anunciada – New York City’s Repertorio Español is producing a play based on Gabo’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold. The production runs until June 2000.

Inspirational Quotes – This Web site of inspirational quotes has a small Gabo page.

Washington’s Role in Colombian Repression – By Matthew Knoester writing for Z magazine, this essay begins with a reference to One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Eyes of a Blue Dog – The text of this García Márquez short story, available online.

Rare Gabo Books – This bookseller offers García Márquez rare and first-edition books. (Spanish)

Sprayliz’s “Macondo” – This site “is the first virtual social center which is destined to hold people, thinks, sounds, images and informations to make them accessible to everyone.” It is called Macondo not directly because of Gabo, however, but via an Italian comic book based around a character named “Sprayliz.”

Destination ColombiaThe Lonely Planet Survival Guide’s online description of Colombia.

Latin American Literature

The Americas Society Cultural Affairs – The Americas Society, located in new York City, is dedicated to promoting Latin American affairs in the United States.

Review: Latin American Literature and Arts – Published by the Americas Society, this excellent biannual magazine features reviews, articles, fiction and poetry. García Márquez is often discussed in its pages, as are many other Argentine and Latin American writers and poets. You can read about Review and even subscribe via this link.

Latin American Literary Review – “Latin American Literary Review is a scholarly journal devoted to the literature of Latin America and Brazil. It is published semiannually in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Latin American Literary Review’s purpose has been to provide the academic community with a firsthand interpretation of Latin American literature and culture through feature essays and reviews of recent literary works.” Issue #25 was devoted solely to Gabo, and may be ordered from the site. Latino American Literature Page – Maintained by Richard L. Vázquez for, this page contains sections on Latin-American authors, literature, and magical realism.

South American Authors Mailing List – According to the official description, the SA Author OneList is “a place for readers/writers interested in talking and trading information on South American writers. If you like the work of García Márquez, Pablo Neruda, Garcia Lorca, Mario Vargas Llosa, Isabel Allende or any other SA writer, or if you are interested in discussing South American country’s recent history, please subscribe.”

–Allen B. Ruch
18 August 2004

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