Juan Vicente Torrealba

Juan Vicente Torrealba
This was sent in from Anat Avrahami:

Some 17-18 years ago a Venezuelan pen-pal sent me a tape with works by a Venezuelan musician named Juan Vicente Torrealba; all of them merengues. One of the songs is called "Macondo". It's about Torrealba's impressions of some of the characters in One Hundred Years of Solitude and the state-of-mind the book leads him to. It is a beautiful song. The other songs on the tape are also beautiful.

I am currently researching more information on Torrealba and his Gabo-related work. I would welcome any visitor who is familiar with his work to help Macondo expand this site to something more concrete.

More Information

Biografía Juan Vincente Torrealba -- This small page is in Spanish, and is the source of the Torrealba image above.

Radio Atarraya -- An online "La Rockola" jukebox with some samples of Torrealba's work.

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--Allen B. Ruch
2 June 2003