Fate was written in Melquíades parchments

Online Papers & Essays
These links are all to various papers, essays, and articles written about Gabriel García Márquez and his work and placed online for general perusal.
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The Collection:

Teaching One Hundred Years of Solitude with The Sound and Fury
Frisch, Mark
From the "Faulkner Studies" site, this page has some useful suggestions for educators by Duquesne professor mark Frisch.

Lecture on One Hundred Years of Solitude
Johnston, Ian
This link accesses the full text of a lecture delivered, in part, in Liberal Studies 402, on Tuesday, March 28, 1995 at Malaspina College.

What Remains: Reading and Writing Between Glas and One Hundred Years of Solitude
Omlor, John
This 350+ page Ph.D dissertation is "a long and detailed study of 100 Years of Solitude alongside and through a close reading and re-writing of Jacques Derrida's Glas." It is available to download on PDF format from this Derrida site.

Macondo y El Mundo: Gabriel García Márquez through Hermeneutic and Mythic Vistas
Ragas, Ramuel Mendoza
This paper, actually a thesis draft on the author's homepage, is a weighty and studied look at the factors that helped produce such an original and meaningful writer as García Márquez.

Death in One Hundred Years of Solitude
Simpson, Lois
A fairly simplistic essay by Lois Simpson on the arrival of Death in Macondo.

Borgesian Illuminations in Gabriel García Márquez's Handsomest Drowned Man
Willenberg, Paul
A very short essay on the parallels between works of Gabo and Borges.

Progress and Innocence in One Hundred Years of Solitude
Williams, Roger F.
A short paper exploring the loss of innocence in Gabo's masterpiece.

Spanish Papers:

Bolívar en el discurso historiográfico: de Montalvo a García Márquez en El General en su laberinto
Cajiao Cuéllar, Elsa
En este ensayo se analizan y comparan las principales vertientes ideológicas que han participado en la construcción de la figura del Libertador Simón Bolívar en el discurso historiográfico desde el siglo XIX hasta nuestros días. Se da especial relevancia a "El general en su laberinto", de García Márquez.
(This paper discusses and compares the main ideologies that have participated in manufacturing the image of the Liberator Simon Bolivar from the XIX century to our days. Special relevance is given to García Márquez' "The General in his Labyrinth.")

New! La realidad como fundamento de la imaginación en La cándida Eréndira
Cajiao Cuéllar, Elsa
Este ensayo es un extracto de la tesis de maestría presentada en la Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (España) el 22 de Diciembre de 2000 bajo el título "La síntesis poética de la realidad en La increíble y triste historia de la cándida Eréndira y de su abuela desalmada" (la C.E., de aquí en adelante). En él analizo el relato a la luz de su contexto histórico, cultural y geográfico para dilucidar la síntesis poética que de la realidad dice hacer el autor.
(This essay analyzes the Innocent Erendira in the light of its historical, cultural and geographical context in order to elucidate the poetic synthesis of reality which García Márquez claims to make in his works).

Melquíades y el texto dentro del texto en Cien años de soledad
Edwards, Alicia
A paper about Melquíades, residing on the author's homepage: "By using the text within a text concept, GGM attempts to elevate himself by elevating his inside-text counterpart, Melquíades, to an unearthly level. He relates him to the great thinkers and philosophers of all time -- even to biblical characters."

Other Online Collections
There are a few other sites around the Internet that collect García Márquez papers, many which focus on a special interest.

Northern Light -- This will search the excellent Northern Light site for online articles, papers, and sites about García Márquez and his work.

IPL Collection -- The Internet Public Library's collection of García Márquez Papers.

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2 June 2003

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