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These links are all to various reviews about Gabo's works. A fairly new page, it is heavily weighted in favor of The New York Times, which has an excellent Web site and online database. You may have to register to get in; it's free, and only takes a minute, and it is very much worth it. As other newspapers and journals start placing their archives online, I will be sure to flesh out these sections.
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The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor

Early García Márquez: Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor
The New York Times, 26 April 1986
Michiko Kakutani looks back at Gabo's first significant work, finding it a "fairly ephemeral piece of journalism and only a very provisional blueprint for what Mr. García Márquez would accomplish in the years ahead."

The Hero Who Lived to Regret It
The New York Times, 27 April 1986
Piers Paul Read discusses The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor.

One Hundred Years of Solitude

The Most Overrated Book
Sunday Telegraph
Jonathan Bate takes a bitter look at One Hundred Years of Solitude, finding it unreadable trash for "urban intellectuals who feign reverence for the simple wisdom of peasants."

Autumn of the Patriarch

A Stunning Portrait of a Monstrous Caribbean Tyrant
New York Times, 31 October 1976
William Kennedy's rave for an often under-appreciated book.

When a Great Novelist Turned his Pen on Tyranny
Washington Post, 31 May 2003
Jonathan Yardley takes a long, insightful "second look" at Patriarch.

Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Books of the Times: Chronicle of a Death Foretold
The New York Times, 25 March 1983
Christopher Lehmann-Haupt gives a positive review of this convoulted tale of love and vengeance.

Murder Most Foul and Comic
The New York Times, 27 March 1983
Leonard Michaels finds this tale "very strange and brilliantly conceived."

Love in the Time of Cholera

García Márquez Novel Covers Love and Time
The New York Times, 6 April 1988
Michiko Kakutani finds this work a "rich, commodious novel, a novel whose narrative power is matched only by its generosity of vision."

The Heart's Eternal Vow (By Thomas Pynchon)
The New York Times, 10 April 1988
This review, penned by author Thomas Pynchon, is a long and compassionate review of Gabriel García Márquez's "shining and heartbreaking" novel, Love in the Time of Cholera. It is held on the Libyrinth's Pynchon site.

Love in the Time of Cholera
Arete, December 1988
Robert Couteau describes the book as an "evocative and paradoxical masterwork."

Clandestine in Chile

Forbidden Pictures
New York Times, 9 August 1987
Michael Wood finds this a flawed and unfocused work.

The General in his Labyrinth

García Márquez Explores the Liberator's Labyrinth
The Tech, Volume 110, No. 36
A review of The General in his Labyrinth that originally appeared in an MIT paper.

The Human Behind the Heroic Prose
New York Times, 11 September 1990
Michiko Kakutani finds the book to be well-written, but still just "history only half-way alchemized into art."

A Slave to his Own Liberation (By Margaret Atwood)
New York Times, 16 September 1990
Author Margaret Atwood serves a very positive review, based on the cheerful premise that "had Bolivar not existed, Mr. García Márquez would have had to invent him."

Strange Pilgrims

García Márquez: Short Form
The New York Times, 15 October 1993
Michiko Kakutani finds the stories beguiling, but somewhat lacking in depth.

Odd Men Out
The New York Times, 7 November 1993
William Boyd's positive review.

Strange Pilgrims
Gruene Street, Summer 1995
A delightful review by Doug Lawson for an online literary magazine.

Love and Other Demons

By Love Possessed (By A.S. Byatt)
The New York Times, 28 May 1995
This review, by author A. S. Byatt, concludes with the question and answer: "What is body and what survives? What is flesh and what is spirit and what is demonic? Mr. García Márquez's answer is an almost didactic, yet brilliantly moving, tour de force."

News of a Kidnapping

The Autumn of a Drug Lord
New York Times, 15 June 1997
Robert Stone reviews News in context of the "War on Drugs."

Master of Magic Realism Works in Real Realism
New York Times, 19 June 1997
Michiko Kakutani looks at Gabo's recent "harrowing" work.

Report from an Undeclared War
New York Review of Books, 9 October 1997
Noted translator Alastair Reid takes a very long and in-depth look at Gabo's latest.

Vivir para contarla

Gabo Speaks
Los Angeles Times, 6 February 2003
Gioconda Belli reviews Gabo's first volume of memoirs.

Other Online Collections
There are a few other sites around the Internet that collect García Márquez papers and reviews, many which focus on a special interest.

The New York Times -- This page has a search engine that will dig up dozens of reviews and articles pertaining to García Márquez.

The TLS Centenary Archive -- A subscriber-only database for the Times Literary Supplement.

Northern Light -- This will search the excellent Northern Light site for online articles, papers, and sites about García Márquez and his work.

IPL Collection -- The Internet Public Library's collection of García Márquez Papers.

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2 June 2003

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