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Todos los cuentos (1947-1972)

Plaza & Janâes, 1975, ISBN 8401301599. Out of Print. [Search for a Copy]

Published in 1975, All of the Stories is a collection of short stories. They are not found in a separate translation in English, but are scattered throughout several English translations of his other works, with most of them found in Collected Stories.

Diatriba de amor contra un hombre sentado

Grijalbo Mondadori; 1995, ISBN 8425327571; Paperback $14.95. [Browse/Purchase]

A play written in Colombia, this has not yet been translated into English. Loosley transcribed, I am told the title means Diatribe of Love Against a Seated Man. Claudia Olvera has this to say:

Con "Diatriba" se tiene otra maravillosa obra de García Márquez. Es impresionante como puede un autor escribir desde el punto de vista femenino y hacer toda una reclamacion con los argumentos de una mujer, pero con vision masculina. "Diatriba" nos muestra de nuevo la versatilidad de García Márquez quien no nada mas nos describe fantasias e irrealidades. En "Diatriba" se describen situaciones actuales, reales, pero con la riqueza del lenguaje que caracteriza a García Márquez. Imposible empezar a leer este monologo sin terminarlo, sin saber la causa de tanto reclamo. Excelente libro. Lo he leido varias veces y en cada una de ellas he descubierto nuevos detalles y nuevos sentimientos. Otra vez García Márquez nos deleita con esta obra. La recomiendo.

Olor de la guayaba

By Gabriel García Márquez & Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza.

Editorial Diana S.A., 1995, ISBN 968132546X; Paperback $12.59. [Browse/Purchase]

Translated as "The Smell of the Guava Tree," this is a collection of convesations between García Márquez and Plinio Apuleyo Mendoza. A reader at has this to say:

Get to know "Gabo" through his own words as he converses with his old friend Plinio. I found El Olor de la Guayaba beneficial in helping me understand the author's view of his own books, including the popular and Nobel Prize-winning Cien Años de Soledad/One Hundred Years of Solitude. García Márquez explains how this novel is thoroughly based in Caribbean reality, not "magic." In addition, El Olor de la Guayaba provides valuable and interesting biographical and personal information, plus some great photos. García Márquez is a brilliant, witty, and humanistic soul, and this little book fully shows off his character.

Clave diccionario de uso del Espanol actual

Edited by Gabriel García Márquez

IBD, Ltd., 1996, ISBN 8434851938; Hardcover $60.95. Out of Print. [Search for a Copy]

This is a complete dictionary of the Spanish language, edited by Gabo. A reader from has this to say:

I purchased this dictionary in Mexico City after seeing the recommendation of García Márquez on the cover. I find this a fabulous buy. The etymological information and the sentences that explain the use of each word clarify subtle shades of meaning brilliantly.

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2 February 2003

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