Nora (1999)

Directed by Pat Murphy
Screenplay by Pat Murphy and Gerry Stembridge, based on Nora by Brenda Maddox.


Nora Barnacle . . . Susan Lynch
James Joyce . . . Ewan McGregor
Vinnie McCabe . . . Uncle Tommy
Veronica Duffy . . . Annie Barnacle
Aedin Moloney . . . Eva Joyce
Pauline McLynn . . . Miss Kennedy
Daragh Kelly . . . Cosgrave
Alan Devine . . . Gogarty
Joyce Peter McDonald . . . Stanislaus Joyce
Paul Hickey . . . Curran
Kate O'Toole . . . Miss Delahunty
Martin Murphy . . . George Russell
Karl Scully . . . John McCormack
Frances Burke . . . Old Woman
Roberto Citran . . . Roberto Prezioso
Monica Scattini . . . Amalia Globocnik
Adrian McCourt . . . Eyers
Ignazio Oliva . . . Alessandro Francini
Stefania Montorsi . . . Clothilde Francini Bruni
Franco Trevisi . . . Tullio Sylvestri
Eamonn Hunt . . . George Roberts
Manuel Bragato . . . Baby Giorgio

Pat Murphy, the director of Anne Devlin (1984) recently made a film about Nora Barnacle, the wife of James Joyce. Called Nora, the film stars Susan Lynch (The Secret of Roan Inish and Waking Ned Devine) as Nora and Ewan McGregor (Trainspotting, The Phantom Menace) as the young James Joyce. Adapted from the Maddox biography of Nora, the film was shot in Trieste.

A Brazen Head review is planned for the future.

Ewan McGregor

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First Look, 2003, DVD, $9.98

First Look, 2003, VHS, $7.98

Additional Information

The Film Nora -- A preview page for the film. Press Pack -- Another preview page for the film, with notes on cast and a synopsis.

Maddox Comments -- Brenda Maddox discusses the premiere of Nora in Dublin. From the April 17, 2000 New Statesman.

IMDB's "Nora" Page -- The Internet Movie Database's page on Nora. It contains information about the cast and crew, as well as a page of viewer comments.

"Nora" Soundtrack -- Of course, you'll have to listen to Ewan MacGregor sing....

Family upset at "Joyce the Foul Mouth" -- 7 May 2000, Guardian. A small piece on the Joyce family and their reaction to Joyce's swearing in the film.

Ewan Mac Gregor and Susan Lynch

Ewan News -- A Ewan MacGregor news page, this site occasionally discusses the movie and Mr. MacGregor's role. It also has links to other MacGregor sites.

McGregor Interview -- An interview with Ewan McGregor appeared in the July 10 edition of The Irish Times. (Registration required.)

Susan Lynch Wins Best Actress -- 4 December 2000, Irish Times. Susan Lynch wins the Irish Film and Television Academy Award for Best Acress for her portrayal of Nora. (Registration required.)


A Not-So-Fine Romance -- 13 February 2000, London Times. Declan Burke previews the film, which he finds well-made but mypoic in characterizations. (Thanks to Martha Portree for this.)

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Lover -- 7 April 2000, Irish Times. Michael Dwyer reviews Nora as the opener of the Dublin Film Festival. (Registration required.)

This Thing Called Love -- 26 April 2000, Irish Times. Michael Dwyer takes a closer look at Nora. (Registration required.)

Ain't It Cool? Review -- April 2000, Ain't it Cool? News. "Ozymandias" throroghly trashes Nora, remarking that Pat Murphy should be "tried for crimes" against the revierwer's brain.

Nora Review -- 8 May 2000, Variety. Joe Leydon's very descriptive but annoying review focuses mostly on the erotic side of the film. (Thanks to Jorn Barger's James Joyce Portal for this.)

Time Out London Review -- 17 May 2000, Time Out London. Tom Charity provides a lukwarm recommendation. (Thanks to Jorn Barger's James Joyce Portal for this.)

--Allen B. Ruch
12 June 2003

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