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Pitch 'n' Putt with Beckett and Joyce
2001, 3 minutes, color

Directed by Donald Clarke

Martin Murphy: James Joyce
Arthur Riordan: Samuel Beckett
Lucy Miller: Shop girl

According to the Zinebi 44 Film Festival page:

In a brief three minutes the two great writers indulge in their two great passions, that of language and par 3 golf. Some have found the exchanges comic, others perceive new critiques of the slippery nature of art.

This Irish short film is a spoof on Joyce and Beckett, who trade literary comments as they play miniture golf and wait for the Godot-like figure of W.B. Yeats. Eventually, Joyce loses his temper. If you have seen it, and would like to submit a review, please email The Brazen Head!

Ordering Information
You may find out more about Pitch 'n' Putt through Blue Light Productions:

c/o Noreen Donohoe, Ardmore Studios
Herbert Road
Bray, CO, Wicklow
Tel: +353 1 286 2971 Ext: 441

Additional Information

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--Allen B. Ruch
12 June 2003

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