Shout from the Streets

A Shout from the Streets (2000)

Directed by Fred DeVecca
Screenplay by Fred DeVecca


Stephen Adams
Doug Creighton
Bridget Kirsten MacAirt
Daniel Popowich

Shout from the Streets

This independent film is loosely inspired by Ulysses. From the filmmakers:

In A SHOUT FROM THE STREETS, Leo, a common, but extremely aware working man, and his younger friend Steve, while wandering the streets early one spring morning, encounter their friend Buck, an accordion repairman, as he toils in his second floor shop. Startling Buck with a shout from the streets (in ULYSSES, a theological discussion ends with the assertion that God is a shout in the streets), Leo and Steve are enlisted to assist Buck in a round of accordion delivery, but instead immediately lead him astray and find themselves in Mooney's Pub, where a day-long session of song, dance and reflection commences. Leo's profound sense of isolation increases despite the camaraderie and he is drawn psychologically and physically away from the group until the seductive, intoxicating lure of music, and especially, love offered to him by the barmaid Molly, bring him back to humanity.

Additional Information

Press Release -- The official 1999 Press Release details the filmmaker's intentions.

--Allen B. Ruch
12 June 2003

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