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Joycean References and Influences
It has been said that more writers and artists have been influenced by James Joyce than any other author of the twentieth century; and he is mentioned in more works than any other writer except Shakespeare. This page will attempt to gather together some of those influences and references, including Joycean name dropping, uses of Joyce as a fictional character, references to Joyce in popular culture, and literature profoundly influenced by, as Derek Attridge would say, “Joyce Effects.” First, a few notes:

1. Writers in Joyce’s immediate circle of friends, admirers, or enemies have been omitted. Therefore Samuel Beckett is not listed here, nor are Oliver St. John Gogarty, AE Russell, and similar authors.

2. Music inspired by Joyce’s work is dealt with on a separate site called Bronze by Gold, accessible from The Brazen Head’s “Music” button.

3. Films based on Joyce’s work and/or life are not included here, and may be found on the Film Page.

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Joycean Fiction – Works of fiction directly inspired by Joyce or using Joyce as a character.

Joycean Authors – Authors and playwrights influenced by Joyce.

Nonfiction – Nonfiction making frequent references to Joyce.

Film & TV – Joycean allusions on the screen and tube.

Radio & Miscellaneous – Joycean allusions in radio, spoken word recordings, and other media.

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Joycean Fiction
The Dalkey Archive (Flann O'Brien)
Travesties (Tom Stoppard)
Mr. Joyce Is Leaving Paris (Tom Gallacher)
Masks of the Illuminati (Robert Anton Wilson)
Murder in the Latin Quarter (Tony Hays)
The James Joyce Muder (Amanda Cross)
The Life of Leopold Bloom: A Novel (Peter Costello)
The House on Eccles Street (Judith Kitchen)
Gilligan's Wake (Tom Carson)

Joycean Authors
James Blish
Jorge Luis Borges
Anthony Burgess
Mark Z. Danielewski
Philip K. Dick
Umberto Eco
Kirk Hampton
Chris Lombardi
David Markson
Arthur Miller
Raymond Queneau
Philip Roth
Salman Rushdie
Gilbert Sorrentino
Tom Stoppard
Derek Walcott
Charles Willeford
Robert Anton Wilson

War and Peace in the Global Village (Marshall MacLuhan)
Sexual Personae (Camille Paglia)
Art and Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light (Leonard Shlain)

Film & TV
Woody Allen
Richard Linklater

The Third Man
The Manchurian Candidate
Promise Her Anything
The Producers
After Hours
Back to School
American Beauty
Finding Forrester
Past Perfect

Law and Order
Mystery Science Theater 3000
NBC "The More You Know" PSA
The Upright Citizen's Brigade

Radio & Miscellaneous
Shelly Berman
Firesign Theater
Prairie Home Companion

–Allen B. Ruch
14 July 2003

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