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Links to other Online Joyce Sites
The following links will take you to a wide variety of locations around the world, from a Japanese triva game to photos of Bloomsday in Australia. Since beginning this page (so many years ago!) I have made several friends in the online Joycean community, and I can tell you that some of these sites are run by wonderful people – you are in good hands, so enjoy your explorations and come back to the Brazen Head as often as you wish . . . the taps are always flowing!
Links to academic papers and essays about Joyce and his work are located on the “Joyce Papers” page of the Brazen Head, and links to Joycean musical sites are found on the “Joyce and Music” page. Links added within the last few months are marked as New. If you find any new sites, or if you come across a dead link, please drop me a line. I would like to thank Rob Callahan at “Work in Progress” for supplying the Joyce image used at the top of this page, and Charles Cave and Jorn Barger for creating many of the pages to which these links connect!

Quick Guide:
Flying by the Net James Joyce Querterly’s Web guide.
Electronic Texts – All Joyce’s works online.
James Joyce Organizations – Homepages for official Joyce organizations.
James Joyce Pages – Comprehensive Joyce Web sites.
Reading Resources & Guides – Resources about Joyce’s works.
Articles – Non-academic articles about Joyce or his work.
Joycean Projects & Activities – Art and activities inspired by Joyce, including Bloomsday.
Utility – Search for current events, newsgroups, and papers.
Commercial Resources – Find rare books, buy tapes, or purchase Joycean artwork.
Journals & Magazines – Academic and literary publications.
Joyce-related Institutions, Libraries and Museums – Collections and classes.
Symposia & Conferences – Official pages past & present.
Joycean Homepages – Personal/academic homepages of well-known Joyceans.
Micellaneous Joyceana – Anything else related to Joyce!
Irish Literature – A few general resources.

Flying by the Net

Flying by the Net – “Flying By the Net, designed to be a regular James Joyce Quarterly column, hopes to track the enormous amount of Internet activity that Joyce and his works have inspired. Various World Wide Web sites house many different kinds of information and also provide links to other sites; primary and secondary documents are deposited on the Web; a new electronic journal of Joyce scholarship and criticism has been established; and several Internet discussion lists are devoted to Joyce.”

 Electronic Texts


Dubliners – Online at Bibliomania, this site provides the HTML text for each story in the collection.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man – Online at Bibliomania, this site provides the HTML text for the entire novel.

Ulysses – Online at Bibliomania, this site provides the HTML text for the entire novel.

Finnegans Wake – This link is to “Finnegans Web,” a site at Trent University with FW in lovely HTML form. The Trent Web version of Ulysses also dwells on this site.

Gnutenberg.net – Contains the complete texts of Ulysses and Finnegans Wake.

James Joyce’s Dirty Letters – That’s right. Read at your own risk!


Joyce Omnicordia 1.0 – Maintained by Michael Hanson, this program searches through Dubliners, Portrait, Ulysses, and Finnegans Wake.

A Searchable Finnegans Wake Concordance – Promulgated by Mark Thompson, this page holds a search engine that allows you to search the entire text of FW for words and strings. Again, I tried “quail” and got “244.30 “ back, hmmm. . . so maybe Joyce was onto something after all. . . .

Finnegans Wake Index – An alphabetical index of words in the Wake, cross-linked to the e-text at Trent University.

Homepages of James Joyce Organizations

International James Joyce Foundation Homepage – Exquisitely beautiful in design, the IJJF homepage, among other things, explains their purpose, lists upcoming symposiums, and provides instructions on how to become a member. It’s “links” page has a lovely appearance, and the editors give a full paragraph of explanation about each resource they have chosen for a link. A very nice Web site! (Founded in 1967)

The James Joyce Centre – Blessed by Mary Robinson and located in a restored Georgian townhouse in Dublin, the James Joyce Centre is dedicated to “promoting an interest in his life and works,” and contains members of the Joyce family on its board.

The James Joyce Society – Based in New York City, the James Joyce Society boasts T.S. Eliot as its first member, and has met at the famous Gotham Book Mart for more than half a century. (Founded in 1947)

American Friends of James Joyce – The homepage of the AFJJ, a New York organization affiliated with the JJC in Dublin and dedicated to increasing awareness of Joyce through reading groups and Bloomsday events. (Founded in 1998)

The Zürich James Joyce Foundation – According to their page, the James Joyce Foundation “promotes research, interaction and a lively exchange of ideas. It hopes to stimulate new readers and emphasizes Joyce’s relevance as a fascinating, human, appealing and comic writer.” (Founded in 1985)

The James Joyce Research Center – Another lovely homepage from the people at the IJJF, this growing site collects criticism, data, and other resources that may be of interest to Joyceans. And you just have to see the main image on their homepage! (Founded in 1996)

The Antwerp James Joyce Centre – Another center for the study of Joyce, the AJJC has its primary focus on “the genetic study of Finnegans Wake and its notebooks.” This expanding site has a lot to offer, including a wonderful image of our main man as a Bowiesque “Hero.” heh heh.

The James Joyce Parlour of Japan – A relatively new Joyce society, “the Parlour endevours to be more than just a library or a museum, a store of objects. It promotes research, interaction, and a lively exchange of ideas and hopes to stimulate new readers of Joyce.” The also publish a journal called Abiko Quarterly. (Founded in 1988)

The Finnegans Wake Society of New York – This society – also known as the “Wake Watchers” – is devoted to the reading and explication of Finnegans Wake, and meets once per month in the Gotham Book Mart.

James Joyce Websites


IQ Infinity – the Unknown James Joyce – A Joyce website maintained by Jorn Barger, a prolific Finnegans Wake scholar, its pages explore the depths of Joyce’s writings and often relate them to the modern fields of computer design and artificial intelligence. It includes vast quantities of original research, unavailable anywhere else. Jorn also has many amusing anecdotes to share, as well as comments on current academic flaps in the Joyce world. It also includes such works as “Joyce’s life of Shakespeare,” a “biography” of Leopold Bloom, and millions of links.

Work in Progress – One of the first Joyce sites on the Internet, WIP is maintained by Rob Callahan at Temple University, but has gone untended for the last several years. Despite its mess of broken links and out-of-date info, WIP offers a comprehensive look at the life and work of James Joyce, designed for the beginner, enthusiast, and scholar alike; organized around the philosophy that Joyce’s fictional style has found a modern metaphor in the hypertextually based World Wide Web. WIP contains a myriad of resources, from information on Joyce societies and newsletters to an online map of Dublin complete with all the usual “Bloomsday” features.

Bronze by Gold – A sister site to the Brazen Head, this Joycean Saloon explores Joycean inspired music of all kinds.


Ulysses-Read List Page – Mike Quest created this page for the Ulysses-Read group. It holds links and information on all Joyce’s works, and contains information about the group itself.

New! James-Joyce.de – Carsten Blauth’s site collects comprehensive bibliographical information on Joyce and Joycean criticism. It also features a few useful essays.

Mark Nunes’ Joyce Homepage – A very small and compact page with a few links to other sites outside of the USA and Australia.

Eiichi Hishikawa’s Joyce Page – A small page dedicated to Our Man, giving assorted info and links, this site is based at Japan’s Kobe University.

Page of James Joyce – This friendly page has some info on Joyce and a few papers written by the author, Melanie Arndt.

Laura Leone’s Joyce Page – A small page that serves as a nice beginner’s guide to Joyce and his work.

Reading Resources and Guides

General & Poetry

Joyce Omnicordia 1.0 – Maintained by Michael Hanson, this program searches through Dubliners, Portrait, Ulysses, and Finnegans Wake.

Joyce Country – Bob Williams’ wonderful resource, Joyce Country is an “alphabetical list of persons (real, present, absent or imagined) and the places that they inhabit, in Joyce’s universe.”

Exiles Guide – David B. Rowland’s online annotations to Joyce’s play, Exiles.


World Wide Dubliners – By Blumberg and Grey, this site contains many links and a few essays about the stories.

Barger’s Dubliners Resources – This page collects numerous links to resources about Dubliners, and is clearly the place to start for online Dubliners information!

SparkNotes to Dubliners – The SparkNotes online student guide to Dubliners contains reading notes, character sketches, commentary, and more.

“The Sisters” – Ed Germain’s site focuses primarily on “The Sisters,” and contains an interactive reading of the text as well as a comparison of different drafts.


Brandon Kershner’s Portrait Page – A wonderful site devoted to A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, R. B. Kershner has compiled a resource that summarizes some of the information available in his Bedford Books edition of Joyce’s novel, including a biography, criticism, and annotations to the text.

SparkNotes to Portrait – The SparkNotes online student guide to Portrait contains reading notes, character sketches, commentary, and more.


Ulysses Schemata – The original 1921 tables as appearing in Stuart Gilbert’s acclaimed study, showing the breakdown of Ulysses chapter by chapter, including correspondences, themes, and motifs. These tables were translated into HTML and are maintained by Rob Callahan at WIP.

Michael Groden’s Overview of Ulysses – This page, designed to suppliment a college course, is a wonderful chapter-by-chapter overview of Ulysses, complete with summaries, time frames, Homeric parallels, study questions, commentary, and the “schemata” information.

The Internet Ulysses – Jorn Barger’s amazing resource on Ulysses, it breaks it down chapter by chapter, with Homeric parallels, maps, links, real audio readings, songs – everything but identity of the man in the macintosh....

Notes on James Joyce’s Ulysses – A brief chapter-by-chapter guide by Gerry Carlin & Mair Evans, similar to Groden’s but not as complete.

Finding Joy in Joyce: A Reader’s Guide to Ulysses – This page features a new guide to Ulysses by John P. Anderson, availbale as a relatively inexpensive PDF download.

Ulysses for Dummies – Sponsored by “From Hunger” (December 1996) this site is a comical walk-through of the novel complete with ridiculously fun animated GIFs.

Haveth Versions Everywhere – Daniel Klyn’s page charts the publishing history of Ulysses, offering many wonderful GIFs and some very interesting information on corrections, censorship, and alternate versions.

The Digital Ulysses – Another unique Web page by Daniel Klyn, this site is part of an ongoing project to completely create a digital version of an autographed first-edition copy of Ulysses, by scanning it in page by page!

Ulysses: The Classic Text – This page at the University of Wisconsin discusses Ulysses using texts, journals and letters from their collection. It has some very nice images of these works as well.

Studies in Bibliography – Phillip F. Herring’s 1969 study of Ulysses, this site contains many JPGs of an early Ulysses notebook, so it takes a while to download.

Biography of Leopold Bloom – Jorn Barger’s annotated & linked “biography” of Leopold Paula Bloom.

James Joyce’s Ulysses – A class project outlining the various episodes of Ulysses.

Index: Philosophen im Ulysses – An index to all the philosophers mentioned in Ulysses; most of this site is in German. (German)

Finnegans Wake

A Searchable Finnegans Wake Concordance – Promulgated by Mark Thompson, this page holds a search engine that allows you to search the entire text of FW for words and strings. Again, I tried “quail” and got “244.30 “ back, hmmm. . . so maybe Joyce was onto something after all. . . .

Finnegans Wake – This link is to “Finnegans Web,” a site at Trent University with FW in lovely HTML form. The Trent Web version of Ulysses also dwells on this site.

Introductory Remarks about Finnegans Wake – Michael Groden’s page, designed for a college class, very nicely does exactly what it says.

Online Shorter Finnegans Wake – Jorn Barger’s “shorter” FW with explanations.

Eric Rosenbloom’s FW Page – Contains “A Word in Your Ear,” a lengthy introduction to the Wake, several papers, and font sets for the Sigla.

Finnegans Wake Gaarden – By Patricia Berger, this Web work in progress is a “catalogue of flora in Finnegans Wake.”

Finnegans Wake Read Pages – Also maintained by Charles Cave, these pages support the Internet’s ongoing group reading of FW.

Bill Cadbury’s FW Page – Maintained by Bill Cadbury, this expanding site concentrates on Joyce’s final work.

An Interactive Finnegans Wake Notebook Page – Maintained by Christopher Bjork, the goal of this site is to establish a communal analysis of a page from Joyce’s FW notebooks.

Finnegans Wake Reading Groups – Based from the Wake Watchers of New York site, this page is a directory of FW reading groups all over the globe.

Web in Progress – Will Miller’s site collects papers and images relating to FW.

Michel Chassain’s Finnegan’s Wake Page– The page, in French, is quite lovely.

The Joyce of Science: New Physics in Finnegans Wake – Maintained by Andrzej Duszenko, this attractivley designed page discusses Joyce’s use of classical and quantum physics in FW. It is an excellent resource, and very well executed!

The ArtBin: Joyce Reads FW – This site has an audio sample of Joyce reading from Finnegans Wake.

FW Sigla Font – Created by Michael Powers, you can download this font at his homepage.

Finnegans Wake in Japanese –Notes on Yanase Naoki’s Japanese translation of FW, with an adorable – and clever! – Flash movie of the “first sentence.” The movie is reminiscent of Gilliam’s “Monty Python” shorts, and it cycles through a few variations – so be sure to watch the whole thing!

Finnegan’s Wake,” the Song – Audio files of the original Irish song, “Finnegan’s Wake.”

Articles about Joyce

David Norris on Bloomsday – ThreeMonkeysOnline.com interviews Senator David Norris about the Bloomsday Centennial.

The NYT Joyce Special Feature – This page collects all the reviews and articles about Joyce that have run in the New York Times. A highly recommended link!

With James Joyce in IrelandNew York Times, 11 June 1922. Padraic Colum reminisces about his friendship with Joyce.

James Joyce Dies; Wrote ’Ulysses’The New York Times 1941 obituary for James Joyce.

James Joyce High Grade HaEthical Spectacle, March 1998. John Wallace discusses James Joyce in a series of amusing articles.

Joyce ShtickNew York Times Magazine, 5 March 2000. Henry Alford attempts to gain employment as a modern James Joyce.

James Joyce – An Urban Genius – Megan O’Beirne’s photography supports her piece on Joycean places in Zurich, Trieste, and Paris

Joycean Projects and Activities


Jorn Bargers Bloomsday Site – A site aiming to be the total Bloomsday site on the Web, this page collects links, information, and maps about Bloomsdays past and present.

Dyoublong – Maintained by the Irish Times, this colorful site celebrates Dublin, Joyce, and Bloomsday.

Bloomsday – A small site that focuses on – unsurprisingly – Bloomsday. The original site is in Portuguese, but there is a complete English version available as well.

Symphony Space – Symphony Space is the host of “Bloomsday on Broadway,” a large and auspicious event organized each year in New York City. Their page holds details, accessible from the internal menu.

Gallery of Bloomsday Cards – Available through the Special Collections department at Virginia Tech, this page holds a “selection of original postcards by T.E. Kennelly celebrating Bloomsday (June 16), the day of Leopold Bloom’s odyssey through Dublin in James Joyce’s Ulysses.”

New Media

The Wake Interactive – A site supporting “The Wake Event,” this site, according to its authors, “The site is a transformation of the 8 hour experimental film, The Wake into a place where the user experiences and contributes to an interactive dream with video fragments, sounds, games and the user’s own dreams.”

Joyce on e-Book – Random House is offering Dubliners, Portrait and Ulysses on “e-Book.”

Ulysses in Hypermedia Project – This page details Michael Groden’s stunning and ambitious project to assemble an interactive, hypertextual version of Ulysses.

Ear’s Eye for James Joyce – A multi-media project by Susan Weil, this site takes a while to load, but is worth the wait.

Hypermedia Joyce Studies – “Hypermedia Joyce Studies is a new refereed journal of criticism and scholarship on the works of James Joyce. HJS takes advantage of the unique opportunities the Web offers for hypertext writing and for articles that incorporate multimedia elements.”

James Joyce Campfire Chat – This page is part of the Crow’s Nest on the “worlds largest literary warship.” It is basically a James Joyce chat forum.

The Joyce MOO – Wholly Chao! A recent project by the James Joyce Center, this link will take you to an explanation of the Joyce MOO based from Charles Cave’s Joyce Pages.

Grammatron – Mark Amerika’s amazing “public domain narrative environment,” a giant hypertext “novel” that makes frequent refernces to Joycean works.


Pippo Pollina’s “Finnegans Wake” – A beautifully executed page for Italian singer Pippo Pollina, who make his song about Joyce’s Finnegans Wake available for download. A Euro-pop song loosely based on the Irish ballad “Finnegan’s Wake,” it’s quite a funny tune that mixes multiple languages.


Ineluctable Modality – A project devoted to collecting images inspired by Ulysses.

Louis Le Brocquy – This prominent Irish artist is especially known for his kinetic sketches of heads, including James Joyce and Samuel Beckett.

Roger Cummiskey – Irish artist who has produced numerous Joycean works, including “A Stroll Through Ulysses.”

WakeJoyce – This page chronicles an evolving series of experimental performances based on Finnegans Wake and developed by the artist Kenneth Davidson.

“The Dead” by C.R. Strong – A beautiful sculpture in bronze, based on Joyce’s death mask and sculpted by Charles R. Strong.

Postel’s Joyce Portraits – A series of Joycean portraits by artist Barbara Postel.


The Panel Play: Nine Characters in Search of a Wake – A parody of a Wakean play, created for the James Joyce Society’s 50th anniversary.


Music in the Works of James Joyce – A survey of Joyce and the music that influenced his writing. Complete with a handsomely produced CD.

New! alles Ulysses – For the Bloomsday centennial, Die Tageszeitung asked its staff to “rewrite” all the chapters Ulysses “as they pleased.” (German)

The James Joyce Ramble – An unusual event for Boston Joyceans, this “fine arts running event” is touted as “ten kilometers of poetry on the run.” The site – very nicely done – details the history and goals of the race, and gives information on how to become a participant.


James Joyce Portal – One of my favorite links, Jorn Barger’s resource is the best source for current Joycean news. Check here to see what’s listed in the Irish Times and many other online newspapers!

James Joyce Bibliography – An ambitious attempt to electronically catalog the many editions of Joyce’s publiushed works.

Joyce Research Console – Another gem from Jorn Barger, this is a collection of search engines and research aids that may be useful to Joyceans.

Google Search – This will search news groups related to Joyce.

Yahoo News Search – Searched Yahoo for artcles and news related to Joyce.

Northern Light – This will search Northern Light for online articles, papers, and sites about Joyce and his work.

eBay Joyce Auctions – Find out what fellow Joyceans and collectors have to offer at eBay.

Commercial Resources

Books: Including Rare & Out-of-Print

Schoenhof’s Joyce Books – Books by and about Joyce in a variety of non-English languages.

Florida James Joyce Series – This page searches for the many excellent volumes the the University Press of Florida James Joyce series.

Bibliofind Joyce Search – This link searches for rare and out-of-print books by or about James Joyce via Bibliofind.

Powell’s Joyce Search – This link searches for rare and out-of-print books by or about James Joyce via Powell’s Bookstore

Joyce on e-Book – Random House is offering Dubliners, Portrait and Ulysses on “e-Book.”


Big Sur Tapes – Big Sur’s Joyce webpage offers a wide range of tapes they feel may be of interest to Joyce enthusiasts.


New! James-Joyce-Essays.com – A collection of essays available for purchasing as study aids. Teachers are encouraged to review sites like this, which provide a worthy service for students not interested in simple plagiarism.

Bloomsday Dublin Maps – Both the wanderings of Stephen Dedalus and Leopold Bloom.

Split Pea Press – Split Pea Press is a publishing company that has made several interesting Joyce resources available, including an electronic recreation of the Dublin Evening Telegraph on that fateful day of June 16, 1904.

Dublin Mouse Pad – Jorn Barger’s map of Joycean Dublin is now a mousepad! For $16.99.

Journals and Magazines

Hypermedia Joyce Studies – “Hypermedia Joyce Studies is a new refereed journal of criticism and scholarship on the works of James Joyce. HJS takes advantage of the unique opportunities the Web offers for hypertext writing and for articles that incorporate multimedia elements.”

James Joyce Quarterly – “For more than thirty years, the James Joyce Quarterly has been dedicated to publishing learned and stimulating articles on thelife and writings of James Joyce. Every issue of JJQ contains essays, notes, reviews, letters, a checklist of recent Joyce-related publications, and the editor’s “Preparatory to Anything Else.”

Joyce Studies Annual – “JSA is a valuable resource for current research on the work of James Joyce. Each volume of the annual carries articles from leading Joyce scholars emphasizing the areas of historical, textual, and comparative criticism.”

The James Joyce Literary Supplement – Resides at the University of Miami: “Here you will find subscription information, a description of back issues, what’s coming in future issues, and a wide variety of James Joyce-related links. We also have information on our annual Miami Joyce Conference, held each year on (or near) James Joyce’s birthday (2 February).”

The James Joyce Joyce Broadsheet – “The James Joyce Broadsheet is a specialist review which publishes reviews articles and news items relating to the work of James Joyce. It is an international journal edited in England by Richard Brown”

Newestlatter – The Newestlatter is the official publication of the International James Joyce Foundation and is published “several times a year.”

The Abiko Quartery – Published by the James Joyce Parlour of Japan: “Each issue of the Abiko Quarterly gives you today’s best literary work, an open but not an empty mind, a guarantee of fine but not pretentious writing – and more than the occasionl burst of merriment & weirdness.”

A Wake Newslitter Project – This page details a project aimed at collecting the entire run of the now-defunct A Wake Newslitter all on CD-ROM.

 Joyce-Related Institutions, Libraries & Museums


The James Joyce Museum – The official – but small! – homepage of the James Joyce Museum at the Sandycove Martello tower.


Joyce Library Collections – Fly by the Net’s comprehensive page of links to various Joyce library collections.

Joycelonia – This Foundation collects translations of Ulysses. “STATECZNY, PULCHNY, BUCK MULLIGAN WYNURZYL SIE Z WYLOTU SCHODOW,...”

The Rosenbach Museum – The Rosenbach of Philadelphia holds many intriguing documents, including the original manuscript of Ulysses. Their page has a nice jpg of the first page of the “Calypso” episode and some information on the Philly Bloomsday.

A Sort of Homecoming – An Irish Times article on the Rosenbach manuscript, recently shown in Dublin.

Joyce Manuscript Collection of Southern Illinois – A small holding of various Joyce correspondence.

University of Buffalo Joyce Collection – The Poetry/Rare Books Collection at the University of Buffalo has a small but representative sampling of its Joyce materials online.


The James Joyce Annual Summer School – A page that details the James Joyce Annual Summer School, an intensive two-week seminar held at University College Dublin’s Newman House.

The Trieste Joyce School – This annual Joyce School is held every July in Trieste. The official Web site has all the details.

Laboratorio Joyce – Based from the University of Trieste, this site is an abridged online version of the book James Joyce – Triestine Itineraries, and includes links to the Trieste Joyce School as well as a Joycean walkthrough of the city.

The Clongowes Wood College Homepage – The homepage of Joyce’s very own primary school, this site features a small section on their famous ex-pupil.

University College Dublin – The homepage of UCD, Joyce’s alma mater.

Joycean Symposia & Conferences

15th Annual JJ Symposium (1996) – The official Web site.

16th Annual JJ Symposium (1998) – The official Web site.

17th Annual JJ Symposium (2000) – The official Web site of the 17th Symposium, Joyce2000: The Right to Write, held at Goldsmith College of London University.

A Very Good Time it Was – The Irish Times reports on the 17th Joyce Symposium.

Joycean Homepages

Derek Attridge – Renown Joycean scholar and author; University of York.

Michael GrodenUlysses hypertext scholar; University of Western Ontario.

Darren Tofts – Writes in Joyce and technology; Swinburne University of Technology.

Micellaneous Joyceana

The Beckett Interviews – A parody from the Hapless Dilettante. Beckett’s “interviews” with Franz Kafka, James Joyce, John Lennon, and so on....

Poor Traits of the Onanist as a Young Man – From Shane & Compton’s “Is This Tomorrow?”, this comic spoofs Archie, Stephen Dedauls, and Finnegans Wake.

Shem & Sam Comic – Three comic strips about Joyce and Beckett, by Stephen Walsh and Brian O’Toole.

James Joyce Reads – A sample of Joyce reading from Anna Livia Plurabelle section of Finnegans Wake. Available from MP3lit.com.

IMDb Joyce Page – This page from the International Movie Database lists all the films made about Joyce or based on his works.

Influences on Joyce – Jorn Barger’s “Joyce Portal” page includes a whole mess of links to sites detailing Joyce-related subjects such as Homer, Ibsen, Aquinas, etc.

Gerbil Babies Page – Purely for your amusement! (This is going to be one eclectic gerbil.)

James Joyce Librarium – A site that plans to catalog all the books James Joycer ever owned or read.

Freemasonry and Joyce – From the B.C. Freemasonry Web site, this page details the use Joyce made of Masonic themes in Ulysses.

Lucia Day – Named after Lucia Joyce, James Joyce’s daughter who suffered from schizophrenia, Ireland has earmarked July 26 as “Lucia Day,” a national day which aims to heighten awareness of schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia Ireland – The homepage of the Lucia Foundation, an Irish organization “concerned with the interests of people with schizophrenia and their caring relatives.”

Prairie Home Companion in Dublin – Garrison Keillor relocates lake Woebegone by the Liffey. This page – on the APHC archives – details the Joycean madness that ensued.

PopCanon – This talented band from Florida writes some crazy songs with very literate themes – Joyce, Borges, Eco, Coover, and Pynchon have all shown up in their lyrics, and their first CD contains a song called “Bloomsday.”

Roger Reynolds Homepage – Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, this modern composer has written many avant-garde works based on texts by Joyce, García Márquez, Borges, Kundera, and others. . . .

King Crimson & Ulysses – “Earthbound and Beyond.” This page, on Jon Green’s King Crimson/Pete Sinfield site, explores the themes of their fourth album Islands. Green points out the influence of Homer’s The Odyssey and discusses potential Joyce Ulysses connections as well. An amazing site, especially for King Crimson fans!

Why the Censors Hated Joyce – Found on the Space Time Portal, this page details some of the “obscenities” in Molly’s soliloquy.

The Cosmic Baseball Association – Apparently Mr. James Joyce has found a new posthumous occupation as a pitcher. . . .

John Lynch page – This page is dedicated to the Irish actor who reads an abrdiged version of Portrait for Durkin Hayes Audiobooks.

Irish Literature

IASIL– International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures – “IASIL was founded in 1969 to serve a growing international interest in Irish writing, with the chartered aims of promoting the teaching and study of Irish literature in third-level education throughout the world. . . .”

Across Ireland: The Smartest Link to All things Irish – An very spiffy Irish resource page that includes a virtual pub, a map of Irelanbd, and “Ulysses” – a section devoted to Irish Literature.

Island Ireland: Irish Literature – The Irish Literature page from the new – and quite lovely – Island Ireland site.

Luminarium Irish Links – A vast collection of links to Irish mythology, language, and literature.

The Celtic Quill – Touched off by a Joycean quote, this new Web-zine is dedicated to Irish literature, culture, and art. It is edited by author and Pulitzer Prize nominee Randy Lee Eickhoff.

–Allen B. Ruch
10 October 2006

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