Molly Bloom

Molly Bloom

A Musical Dream
A jazz/cabaret style musical taking Molly's soliloquy as its inspiration, Molly Bloom is the creation of singer Anna Zapparoli and her husband, composer Mario Borciani. The musical encountered the wrath of the Joyce estate, who forbade its performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Despite the protestations of Stephen Joyce, James Joyce's grandson and executor of the estate, the musical was indeed performed, and even moved onto London for additional shows. It has recently been recorded and released in the UK on CD.

Where to See it?
Molly Bloom currently inactive.


A Musical Dream -- A fluff piece from the Sunday Times details the musical and the husband and wife team behind it.

Joyce Grandson Fury over Fringe Musical Filth --The Sunday Herald, July 30, 2000. Iain S. Bruce discusses Stephen Joyce's ediction.

A Joyce Bans Molly's Musical Climax --The Observer, July 30, 2000. Vanessa Thorpe reports on the controversy surrounding the Edinburg production.

Joyce Grandson in Battle to Ban Ulysses Musical --The Sunday Times, July 30, 2000. Lucy Adams reports on more of the same.


Herald Tribune Review -- International Herald Tribune, November 15, 2000. A brief and favorable review by Sheridan Morley.

Rap of Hip Bones -- From Mr. Crockett finds the production inpenetrable and somewhat less than shocking. He also has some interesting comments about Joycean academics.

RainbowNetwork Review -- From Although he finds the music only "OK," Jon Way says Molly Bloom is "full of passion and power"

Molly Bloom CD

A recording of Molly Bloom has been released in the UK on CD. The only place I know where to order it from is "Dress Circle," the Web site for London's "showbiz shop." (Thanks to Jorn Barger for this.)

MOLLY BLOOM. A Musical Dream.
Borciani & Zapparoli. Starring Anna Zapparoli as Molly Bloom.
Contains Explicit Material
Audio CD / 11.99 Pounds

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29 May 2003