Now I Have Fed and Eaten Up the Rose
Three Songs, op. 45, 1972.
For voice and piano

Song No. 1. "Now I Have Fed and Eaten Up the Rose."

Samuel Barber's "Now I Have Fed and Eaten Up the Rose"
Composed between 1935 and 1937, this song has an unusual and rare Joycean source -- a translation of a poem by the Gottfried Keller, translated by Joyce from the original German. Interestingly enough, the original German poem was also set to music by Othmar Schoenk in 1926 as Song No. 8 of his Opus 40 Lebendig begraben cycle.


THREE SONGS op. 45 (1972)

1. "Now I Have Fed and Eaten Up the Rose"

(1972; Moderato, James Joyce: after the German of Gottfried Keller)

Now have I fed and eaten up the rose
Which then she laid within my stiffcold hand.
That I should ever feed upon a rose
I never had beleived in liveman's land.

Only I wonder was it white or red
The flower that in the darkness my food has been.
Give us, and if Thou give, thy daily bread,
Deliver us from evil, Lord, Amen.


Here is the original German poem, by Gottfried Keller:

Da hab' ich gar die Rose aufgegessen

Da hab' ich gar die Rose aufgegessen,
Die sie mir in die starre Hand gegeben!
Daß ich noch einmal würde Rosen essen,
Hätt nimmer ich geglaubt in meinem Leben!

Ich möcht' nur wissen, ob es eine rote,
Ob eine weiße Rose das gewesen?
Gib täglich uns, o Herr! von deinem Brote,
Und wenn du willst, erlös' uns von dem Bösen!

I'd like to thank Emily Ezust at the Lied and Song Text Page for the German text and the information on both Keller and Schoenk.

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14 December 2000
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