Here you will find links to other pages dealing with Joyce and with music inspired by mosernist and postmodern writers. If you know of any sites that would fit well here, please email them to me.

James Joyce Sites

The Brazen Head – This is my full James Joyce site, and deals with Joyce from a literary perspective.

Links to Other Joyce Sites – Here you will find dozens of links to Joyce sites all over the world.

Joycean “Music” Sites

Music in the Works of James Joyce – A survey of Joyce and the music that influenced his writing. Complete with a handsomely produced CD.

Bloomsday Cabaret – A new documentary on Joyce and music has recently been filmed in Dublin.

James Joyce’s The Dead – The Brazen Head’s review of this recent musical, this page also contains information about it’s history, ticket information, and links to other reviews.

Pippo Pollina’s “Finnegans Wake” – A beautifully executed page for Italian singer Pippo Pollina, who make his song about Joyce’s Finnegans Wake available for download. A Euro-pop song loosely based on the Irish ballad “Finnegan’s Wake,” it’s quite a funny tune that mixes multiple languages.

King Crimson & Ulysses – This page, on Jon Green’s King Crimson/Pete Sinfield site, explores the themes of their fourth album Islands. Green points out the influence of Homer’s The Odyssey and discusses potential Joyce Ulysses connections as well. An amazing site, especially for King Crimson fans!

Lied and Song Text Page – An amazing page that explores Lieder and songs, form the perspectives of both composer and poets. This link takes you to their James Joyce page.

Relevant Papers

Colligan, Mimi
Residing at the Brazen Head, this paper discusses the influence of song and opera in Ulysses.

James Joyce and Avant-Garde Music
Klein, Scott W.
An excellent discussion of Joycean influences on Cage, Boulez, Berio, and others. Online at Ireland’s Contemporary Music Centre.

Music and Language in Joyce’s “THE DEAD”
Mosley, David L.
This paper resides at Goshen College.

Music After Joyce: The Post-Serial Avant-Garde
Murphy, Timothy S.
This paper discusses the influence of Joyce on modern composition.

An Analysis of the Use of Musical Allusions in James Joyce’s Dubliners
Warren, Lindsey
An extended essay on Joyce’s use of lyric and song in Dubliners. Online at The Brazen Head.

PoMo Music-Literature Sites

Radio KCUF – This page, part of the Libyrinth’s Spermatikos Logos, deals with the influence of Thomas Pynchon on popular music.

Beckett and Music – This page, part of the Libyrinth’s Apmonia, deals with the influence of Samuel Beckett on music.

Macondo Music – This page, part of the Libyrinth’s Macondo site, deals with the influence of Gabriel García Márquez on music.

Borges and Music – This page, part of the Libyrinth’s The Garden of Forking Paths, deals with the influence of Borges in music.

Eco and Music – This page, part of the Libyrinth’s Porta Ludovica, deals with the influence of Umberto Eco in music.

Related Commercial Sites

New World Records. – NWR is a wonderful company dedicated to putting out new music by American composers. They deal with many of the artists featured on Bronze by Gold, including Barber, Cage, Carter, Del Tredici, Lerdahl, Luening, Machover, Partch, and Reynolds.

–Allen B. Ruch
12 October 2004
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