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Links to Other Kafka Sites

The following links will take you a variety of Kafka resources and Web sites. Links to academic papers and essays about Kafka and his work are located on the “Kafka Papers” page of Das Schloss, and links to Kafka musical sites are found on the ?Music? page. Links added within the last two months are marked as New. If you find any new sites, or if you come across a dead link, please drop us a line.

Kafka Texts Online

The Kafka Project – Mauro Nervi’s wonderful site attempts to collect “all Kafka texts in the original form according to the manuscripts, and their translations from the critical edition – with all variants.” It also holds numerous essays and other Kafka-related information.

Kafka Sites


The Castle – A Kafka site run by “Joseph K.,” The Castle contains information about Kafka and original writings. It is also the oldest Kafka site on the Web.

In Memory of a Good Man – Daniel Hornek’s Kafka site contains an extensive gallery of Kafka-related images, and numerous articles on Kafka and Judaism.

Tribute to Franz Kafka – Brian Herzog’s site contains many original writings, some essays, and Kafka texts.

Leni’s Franz Kafka Page – An irreverent site with story summaries and numerous fun diversions. Suffice it to say that Leni has a bit of a thing for old Franz!

The Clattering Mill – R. Millar’s site contains numerous essays about Kafka’s work.


Franz Kafka Photo Album –  Yacov Eckel’s site is, well, exactly what it says!

Little Blue Light Kafka Page – A small but tidy site on Doktor Kafka with a biography, influence list, and quotes.

Joseph Lindsay’s Kafka Page – A humorous site with a long essay on Kafka and interpretation.

Kafka’s World – Features a Discussion forum.

Books and Writers Kafka Site – Holds a nice biography, bibliography, and links.

Kafka and Existentialism – Katharena Eiermann’s site looks at Kafka from an Existential angle.

Bohemian Ink’s Kafka Site – Long fallen into disrepair, this site contains the Grolier entry on Kafka and a few rusty links.

Franz-Kafka-Website – Michael Pullmann’s Kafka site. (German)

Detlef Wilskes Kafka Verbindugung – A very comprehensive collection of Kafka links. (German)

Specific Works

Metamorphosis Study Guide – By Dr. George Mitrevski; a one-page list of questions for the student.

Brothers Judd Metamorphosis Page – A misguided and reductionaist take on Kafka and his story, this page nevertheless supports dozens of useful links.

Kafka Projects, Art & Activities


Thonian.com – Kafka woodcuts and sketches for sale.

Metamorphosis Drawings – Art by Martin Linnartz. (German)

Glodomór – Illustrations for The Hunger Artist, drawn by Polish artist Andrzej Ploski. (Polish)

La metamorfosis – Wonderful illustrations of The Metamorphosis by Argentine artist Luis Scafati. (Spanish)


Kafka in Love – Thom Sokoloski’s “water-opera” tells the tale of Kafka and Gerti Wasner using film projections, music and, er, synchronized swimming.

Berkoff Kafka Adaptations – Iain Fisher looks at Steven Berkoff’s various stage adaptations of Kafka’s works.


Metamorphosis Team Project – A computer rendering of Gregor Samsa and his environs.

Kafka Humor

Franz Kafka Trivia Challenge – An amusing game from Narciso Jaramillo’s Dyslexikon site. “For ten points: give up all hope of extricating yourself from this situation.”

David Holzel’s The Jewish Angle – Humorous stories include “Kafka Gets Laid” and “Kamp Kafka.”

New! Gérard Bertrand’s Kafka Images – An album of photographs showing the many travels of Kafka, from a visit with Borges to playing jazz on the moon.


IMDB Kafka Page – A list of movies relating to the life or works of Franz Kafka.

SurfWax Kafka – This page links to all news, articles, and reviews mentioning “Franz Kafka.”

Literature, Arts & Medicine Database – NYU’s unusual site contains notes on several of Kafka’s works with a more medical bent.

Schocken Books – The homepage of Kafka’s U.S. publisher, now an imprint of Random House.

Edwin Muir Page – A page devoted to one of Kafka’s first English translators.

Milena Jesenská Tribute Page – Maintained by “Leni,” this page collects information and links aboyt Kafka’s Bohemian love.

–Allen B. Ruch
& Jeff Nowak
14 December 2004

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