Franz Kafka

Wisdom is thus not what men first of all seek. They seek, instead, the justification for what they happen to cherish

Oddly, the Web holds few academic papers about Kafka. (Though there are plenty of student essay “cheats!”) If you know of any academic paper or essay, or would like to submit one of your own for inclusion, please contact us!

General Kafka Papers

Virtual Zion: The Promised Lands of the Kafka Critical Editions
Anderson, Mark A.
A lengthy and scholarly discussion of Kafka’s Zionism, perceptions of him as a writer, and the Fischer Verlag Kritische Kafka Ausgabe. Online at the Kafka Project.

Writing to Become
Koopman, Colin
Koopman contends that Kafka was trying to create “new literatures and inaugurate new forms of expression.” Online at the Kafka Project.

Kafka, Language, Pain
Koopman, Colin
A discussion of metaphor, uncertainty, and meaning. Online at the Kafka Project.

Trains of Traffic: Kafka’s Novels into Film
Pohland, Vera
The effect of cinema on Kafka, and the effect of Kafka on cinema. Online at the Kafka Project.

No Exit? Hegemony And Hopelessness In Kafka, Beckett, And Handke
Rastalsky, Hartmut M.
This dissertation taps Kafka’a The Trial and The Castle to illuminate notions of dystopia, hope, and totalitarian systems of control. Available as a downloadable MS-Word document from the author’s homepage.

Brentano and Kafka (PDF)
Smith, Barry
Discusses the influence of Franz Brentano on Kafka’s philosophical conceptions. Availabe as a PDF from Buffalo University.

The Metamorphosis

Kafka~Samsa. Reality Through Symbolism
Batson, Robbie
A look at the similarities between author and protagonist. Online at the Kafka Project.

Reading for Constructions of the Unspeakable: Teaching Kafka’s Metamorphosis
Breen, Margaret Sönser
Proposing that The Metamorphosis is actually about homosexual masturbation, and believing that the Religious Right now speaks for America after 9-11, this paper could possibly be a parody of a modern academic paper. But probably not. Online at the Kafka Project.

Crimes of Gregor Samsa
Klingensmith, Taylor
An analysis of the reasons Gregor Samsa is being “punished.” Online at the Kafka Project.

The Metamorphosis
Nabokov, Vladimir
Author Vlkadimir Nabokov’s lecture on Kafka’s famous novella; includes his “bug” doodles and a photograph of his teaching copy. Online at Leni’s Kafka site.

The Metamorphosis: A Portrait of Kafka’s Life
Shah, Vishal S.
Another look at who Kafka’s story reflects his own life. Online at Brian Herzog’s Kafka Tribute.

Other Online Collections
There are a few other sites around the Internet that collect Kafka papers, many which focus on a special interest. While most of these Web sites may be accessed through Das Schloss’ “Links” page, we have included some here for easy reference.

The Kafka Project – Devoted to translating Kafka, this site holds numerous papers and articles in German and other languages.

Tribute to Kafka Page – Brian Herzog’s page collects dozens of Kafka essays, and mainly focuses on interpreting his works.

The Clattering Mill – R. Millar’s site contains numerous essays about Kafka’s work.

Questia’s Kafka Resources – Papers online at Questia, an online library. Requires a subscription.

Northern Light – This will search the excellent Northern Light site for online articles, papers, and sites about Kafka and his work.

IPL Collection – The Internet Public Library’s collection of Kafka Papers.

–Allen B. Ruch
& Jeff Nowak
11 January 2004

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