Franz Kafka

“A Little Fable” (“Kleine Fabel,” in the original German) is a paragraph-long short story masterpiece by Kafka. I ran across a wonderful mini-comic adaptation of it by the American comic book artist Vincent Stall around 2004. I contacted Vincent, who graciously allowed us to re-publish the comic online here at The Modern Word. I was planning to post it when Vincent’s graphic novel, Brass Tack, was to be published, but when Brass Tack got delayed this somehow fell through the cracks, as well. Finally, again with Vincent’s blessing, we present this adaptation to you.


A Little Fable links

King Mini International – Vincent Stall’s webpage. Also see his blog and web store.

Top Shelf Comix – Top Shelf will publish Vincent’s graphic novel, Brass Tack.

Laughing With Kafka – David Foster Wallace used “A Little Fable” as the springboard for a lecture on Kafka's subtle humor.

Give it Up! And Other Short Stories – Some of Kafka’s finest short stores, including A Little Fable, adapted into comics by Peter Kuper.

Erik Ketzan
October 11, 2009

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