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This page contains links to other sites around the Web that pertain to Thomas Pynchon. Online reviews and papers, however, may be found on the appropriate sections of Spermatikos Logos, and will not be reprinted here. If I have omitted any sites that should be here, please let me know!

Main Pynchon Resources


HyperArts Pynchon Page – A wonderful site that contains web guides and correspondences to his major works and other assorted Pynchonalia. Definitely a labor of love, this is one of the best postmodern sites on the Web, and an invaluable – and beautiful! – Pynchon resource.

The Pomona Pynchon Page – Officially known as the “San Narciso College Thomas Pynchon Home Page,” this large site has a treasure house of information on Pynchon and his works, including a biography and information about all his novels.

Wikipedia Pynchon Entry – The Pynchon page at the ever-useful Wikipedia site.

Pynchon Files – A very stylish biographical page that has its focus on Pynchon’s reclusive life and times, and contains some information and speculation that you won’t find anywhere else. (Note: This useful site is no longer online; the link refers you to the site via Internet Archive)

The Pynchon List Homepage – A page devoted to the Pynchon List, with instructions for subscribing.

Pynchonoid – A blog featuring Pynchon news plus parallels between Pynchon works and various articles.

Pynchon Notes Homepage – The Homepage for Pynchon Notes, a bi-annual publication devoted to Pynchon scholarship.

Download Pynchon Notes – The first decade of Pynchon Notes, available for downloading as PDFs!

Pynchon Portal – Jorn Barger’s page of Pynchon information and links, includes a Pynchon FAQ page.

Vheissu – A Pynchon page of Dutch origin, translated into several languages.


American Literature Pynchon Page – Another small Pynchon page, based from Japan.

American Literature Web Resources: Thomas Pynchon – Contains a brief chronology and a few “little weird Pynchon factoid-dealies.”

Pynchon Weblinks – This German site lists and organizes dozens of Pynchon links. Contains many links to German-language sites not featured here. (German & English)

pynhead – Ariss DerHovanessian’s site contains some excerpts from Pynchon’s novels and an essay.

Tecza Grawitacji – A Polish Pynchon site, named after the Polish translation of Gravity’s Rainbow. (Polish)


SparkNotes on The Crying of Lot 49 – Kyle Hawkins’ online notes and commentary to Lot 49; part of the SparkNotes guides for students.

The Illustrated Complete Summary of Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow – Created by Spermatikos Logos’ very own Dr. Daw, this page holds a delightful summary of GR with a wealth of original images lovingly created with Adbobe Photoshop.

Babies of Wackiness: A Reader’s Guide to Vineland – Created by John Diebold and Michael Goodwin, this site serves as a guide and explication of Vineland.

New! Mason & Dixon Reader – Toby Levy’s “Mason & Dixon: Three Pages a Day” has been converted to an attractive WordPress blog. (This is teh same document available here as a PDF.)

Peter Schmidt’s Mason & Dixon Reading Notes – Broken down into 78 chapter summaries, Schmidt provides notes and plot synopsis.

Mason & Dixon Reading Guide – The Holt Publishing company’s reading guide to Mason & Dixon.

New! Against the Day Wiki – A growing resource for readers of Against the Day, this amazing wiki is open to contributions.


Mason & Dixon – October 21, 1996. An article from the Washington Post, speculating on Mason & Dixon and discussing the Wanda Tinasky letters.

Gravity’s End – April, 1997 David Ulin on Mason & Dixon and Pynchon’s reclusiveness.

Where’s Thomas Pynchon? – June 5, 1997, CNN article detailing the tracking down of Mr. Thomas R. Pynchon by CNN and discussing his reclusive tendencies.

Strange Bedfellows – June 9, 1997 News-Times. George Clooney and Thomas Pynchon get stalked.

Good Fortune’s Opression – 1997, Archipelago. Robert L. O’Connell’s article is subtitled, “Pynchon, and How History Didn’t Turn Out the Way We Thought It Would.”

The Crying over Lot 49 – March 1998.’s feature on the Pynchon letter controversy.

Who the Hell is He? – July 7, 1998 South African Sunday Times. This is the infamous James Bone article, in which he more or less stalks Pynchon to get a photograph.

Gravity’s Pull – October 1-7, 1998 Metro. John Yewell discusses Pynchon’s penchant for anonymity and efforts to track him down.

Look Who’s Modern Now – October 10, 1999 New York Times. Wendy Steiner discusses recent changes in the American novel. Contains frequent mentions of Pynchon.

How to Get a Blurb from Thomas Pynchon – October 15, 1999 This small piece discusses how the author of The Testament of Yves Gundron got Pynchon to endorse his new novel.

A Rainbow of Possibilities for Fiction-- August 2000 San Francsisco Chronicle. David Kipen reminisces about Gravity’s Rainbow.

Thomas Pynchon and the South Bay – 2003, The Aesthetic. Garrison Frost looks at Pynchon’s life on Manhattan Beach.

Pynchon and Homer – October 19, 2003 Boston Globe. Joshua Glenn on Pynchon’s Simpson appearance.

Pynchon from A to V – Summer 2005, Bookforum. An appreciation of Pynchon and Gravity’s Rainbow by Gerald Howard. From the “Pynchon Now!” issue.

Cartoon of Pynchon – From a Spanish translation of the above piece.

Literature for the Age of Unease – May 4, 2006, The New Partisan. Alexander Nazaryan on “Reading Pynchon Today.”

Thomas Pynchon: A Brief Chronology – June 2006. Paul Royster’s useful document is available for downloading as a PDF.

The Mystery of Pynchon – August 17, 2006, The Independent. Louise Jury on Pynchon’s reclusiveness. (Full text requires subscription)

New! The Pynchon Post – July 19, 2006, Slate. Troy Patterson discusses the unique publicity circumstances prior to the release of Against the Day.

New! Even Thomas Pynchon Digs Sexy Publicity Stunts – July 21, 2006, The Phoenix. A short, gossipy piece discussing the Intenet speculation about publicity for Against the Day.

New! Promoting Pynchon – October 20, 2006, Time. Jeffrey Ressner offers more discussion of the upcoming Against the Day.

New! Why Don’t Women Read Pynchon? November 11, 2006, The Phoenix. Cris Rodriguez, a female Pynchon fan, speculates why Pynchon’s writing has attracted a predominantly male audience.

New! Is This Thomas Pynchon? – November 17, 2006, Entertainment Weekly. The always-cheeky EW hired a New York forensic artist to extrapolate the modern Thomas Pynchon from his high school photo.

New! The Fuss About Pynchon – November 21, 2006, Pop Matters! John Carvill offers a lucid discussion of Pynchon and the relevance of his work.

New! How the World Caught Up with Pynchon – December 7, 2006, Daily Telegraph. Michael Sheldon discusses Pynchon, his work, and the enigma surrounding him.

Miscellaneous Pynchonalia

Face to Face With Mortality, Intellect and Thomas Pynchon – A “triple self-portrait” by painter Aaron Board.

Cashiered! – This Web site contains extracts from Pynchon’s novels.

The Ancestry of Novelist Thomas Pynchon – Exactly what it says. At

Cafe Cancun/Lineland – Jules Siegel’s Web site, including excerpts from his book Lineland: Mortality and Mercy on the Internet's Pynchon-L@Waste.Org Discussion List.

A King, a Queen and Two Knaves? – An interview with David Hadju, who conducted a FAX interview with Pynchon when writing Positively 4th Street.

Endorsement for Jim Knipfel’s new book The Buzzing – Pynchon does it again for Jim! – The homepage of Thomas Claburn, the first to register, has many Pynchonesque and near-discordian treats.

Pynchon News Service – Maintained by the enigmatic Lioness, this developing site holds passages from Gravity’s Rainbow set up as “news flashes.” Contributions are encouraged.

PopCanon Homepage – This talented band from Florida writes some crazy songs with very literate themes – Joyce, Borges, Eco, Coover, and Pynchon have all shown up in their lyrics. Their first CD contains a Pynchon-based song called “Wanda Tinasky.”

MTV Lotion Review – Jon Wiederhorn’s slightly flip review of Nobody’s Cool discusses the notorious Pynchon liner notes.

Gravity’s Rainbow and Mystery Science Theatre 3000 – Based on Robert Pirani’s “Far from Home Page,” this intriguing page details the “echoes between the greatest American novel of this century and the greatest television series ever.”

Prüfstand 7 – A German film about the ghost of a rocket, inspired in part by Gravity’s Rainbow.

Tristero – Named from Pynchon’s The Crying of Lot 49, Tristero is an interactive artistic community that recycles Internet detritus.

The Thomas Pynchon Connection – David Wild discusses Pynchon and jazz.

Drainage – A Web site on, um, drainage. Contains exceprts from Gravity’s Rainbow. Pynchon fans, I’m sure you know which excerpt.


Pynchon cut-out dolls – This fun-for-the-whole-family site contains cut-outs of Pynchon with various accessories, including his friends Yuri the Cosmonaut and a head of lettuce!

Cat and Girl – An online comic. Look closely at the Vespa!

Super-Literate Team-Up – Gravity’s Rainbow meets Madame Bovary in Johnny Ryan’s vulgar comic match-up.

Thomas Pynchon: Man of Mystery – From Shane & Compton’s “Is This Tomorrow?”, this comic spoofs Pynchon’s penchant for anonymity.


Professor Corey’s Acceptance Speech – You can now hear Professor Irwin Corey’s National Book Award acceptance speech for Gravity’s Rainbow! It’s the last track on However...., the live recording of Corey’s nightclub routine.

Narrated Gravity’s Rainbow CD-ROM – “The Narrated Gravity’s Rainbow integrates criticism with animated digital collage (using the work of Canadian artist Larry Daw), theatre, and contemporary music into a compelling aural and visual performance, transforming Pynchon’s masterpiece of post-modern fiction into Performance Art. The entire presentation is now available on CD-ROM (Windows® or Macintosh platform, or PAL-format VHS video).”

Pynchon Trading Card – Yes – Our Man is one of the many author trading cards offered by Booksmith!

Searches & Utility

Yahoo News Search – Searched Yahoo for artcles and news related to Pynchon.

YouTube Pynchon Search – Watch all manner of videos concerning Pynchon, his works, and his fans.

Powell’s Pynchon Search – This link searches for rare and out-of-print books by or about Pynchon via Powell’s Bookstore.

Cumulative Bibliography of Pynchon Notes – A searchable list of the articles appearing in all the issues of Pynchon Notes. (Just a bibliography; the text is not yet available.)

The Internet Public Library Online Literary Criticism Collection –This page has some links to Pynchon Literary criticism available on the Web.

–Allen B. Ruch
& Erik Ketzan
8 December 2006

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