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Here at Spermatikos Logos, the Great and Illustrious Quail and I, Dr Larry Daw, have received many letters claiming that the modern-day English supergroup Radiohead has been influenced by the works of Thomas Ruggles Pynchon. The primary evidence used to support such a position is the fact that the acronym "W.A.S.T.E " appears within their literature, most frequently at their web site at the W.A.S.T.E. products clothing merchandising centre. There is also the following lyric, from the song "Fake Plastic Trees" on The Bends:

"He use to do surgery
On girls in the eighties
But gravity always wins"

A letter from childhood friend of bandleader Thom Yorke, one Jon Butcher, has confirmed such suggestions. It seems as if Yorke has read many Pynchon works, including his famous piece on Luddism, and that his band probably includes several of Pynchon's major themes in their work. Precise evidence has not been made available, but this does not indicate any need to question the authority of our sources. Besides, the Quail and Dr Larry Daw think OK Computer kicks ass anyway, so who are we to complain!


Sources: "Respiter Ralph Blunsom"

RADIOHEAD premiered another brand new song on the last date of their European tour.

According to the unofficial Radiohead website, the band played the song 'Alligators In New York Sewers' at the Old Roman Amphitheatre in Caesaria, Israel last night (July 9). Thom played the song alone on piano, as the first song in the encore.

Following the gig, possible lyrics to the song were posted on the official Radiohead website,

The lyrics run: "Alligators in New York/There's a little child/Running round this house/And he never leaves /He will never leave/And the fog comes up from the sewers/And glows in the dark/Baby alligators in the sewers grow up did you go bad?/ Did you go bad?".

The new song will not feature on Radiohead's forthcoming album, which, as exclusively revealed on is called 'Kid A' and is released on October 2 through EMI.

Following the release of the album the band intend to release the rest of the other songs they recorded during the sessions for 'Kid A' as either a series of EPs, or possibly another album.


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Macondo Music: Radiohead -- The Libyrinth's Gabriel García Márquez site has a page that looks at Radiohead's "Banana Co.", a song that may have been influenced by One Hundred Years of Solitude.

Anderson, Laurie.
Famous New York performance artist Laurie Anderson dedicated a song to Pynchon on her Mister Heartbreak album.

Benatar, Pat.
Believe it or not, she named a final album Gravity's Rainbow.

Benny Profane.
English hard rockers from Liverpool, they took their name from a character in V.

Blowtorch, Eric
Reggae influenced artist putting Pynchon's lyrics to music.

An avant garde German group used Gravity's Rainbow to tell a different tale.

Corey, Prof. Irwin.
The man who was the infamous stand-in for Thomas Ruggles Pynchon.

They recorded Maxwell's Demon Box on their album, Days Between Stations.

Einhorn, Richard.
Another rendition of music devoted to the Demon, and much more.

Fariña, Richard.
An long-time friend of Pynchon, this folkie named an instrumental work after a Pynchon novel.

Favorite Color, The.
A New Jersey band sets a selection from V. to music on their album Color Out of Space (1996).

Fool, The.
Surely not Slothrop's band, this was a short lived group which did, in fact, have a harmonica player.

Forked Yew.
Independent, highly experimental rockers and Pynchon fans from the American South.

Frith & Kaiser.
An instrumental pair with a piece called The Kirghiz Light.

Hall, Ed.
An early 90's band influenced by Pynchon, they named a song Roger Mexico.

Insect Trust.
This jazzy, psychedelic group mined V. for lyrics to The Eyes of a New York Woman.

Jazz Butcher.
AKA Pat Fish, who named a track Looking for Lot 49 on his Fishcoteque album.

Jones, Spike.
Pynchon himself wrote the liner notes for Spiked!

Knopfler, Mark.
The Sultan of Swing sails to Philadelphia!

Koron, Barry.
Weilding the Sjambok never felt so good!

Lot 49 (Ontario).
This now retired hardcore outfit hailed from the hometown of Spermatikos Logos' own Laurence Daw.

Lot 49 (NYC).
Indie NYC rockers named after Pynchon's second novel.

A New York group whose liner notes were penned by the Man himself.


A visit to San Narciso.

Was the famous tune Smells Like Teen Spirit acutally inspired by a song from Gravity's Rainbow?

Nova Mob.
A "Rock Opera" filled with references to Gravity's Rainbow.

Ocker, David.
Musical meditations on Eight Facts About
Thomas Pynchon

Okasek, Ric.
Ride The Rocket with the former frontman of The Cars.


Pere Ubu.
David Thomas' legendary, seminal band shows some Pynchon influences.

These literate Indies hail from Flordia, and have a song about Wanda Tinasky which is highly recomm-ended!

Poster Children.
This group from Champaign, Illinois, covers a lot of Pynchon ground!

English art-rockers who incorporate many Pynchon motifs into their work.

An offshoot of Zoviet France, Robin Storey's group named Rapoon released an album called The Kirghiz Light.

Sauter & Dietrich, Moore.
More liner notes written by Pynchon !!


Six Finger Satellite.
Indie electro-rock futurists Six Finger Satellite make a reference to Gravity's Rainbow.

Soft Machine.
Seminal "proggies," they recorded a full-scale work called Esther's Nose Job in 1969.

Spock's Beard.
In memory of "the evil Spock," they do homage to V.

Time in Malta.
A California metal group with a name taken from V.

Ware, Tim.
Pynchon scholar, Web master, and MIDI Musician.

Whole Sick Crew, The.
Purveyors of pirate folk-punk, truly a gang like their Pynchon namesakes.

XXX Atomic Toejam.
F. Thorendal, from praised thrash-heroes Meshuggah, gets one in for the Vikings.

Yo La Tengo.
Making music indebted to The Crying of Lot 49.

Related to New York's Lot 49, ths Florida group also takes their name from Pynchon's work.

Zevon, Warren.
He recently released an album containing work inspired by Pynchon.

--Dr Larry Daw
& A. Ruch
21 May 2000