In which the yo-yo string is revealed as a state of mind

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Review & Synopsis – The Quail’s comments on V. from the “Works” page.

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HyperArts Guide to V. – Created by Tim Ware, this site serves as a Web Guide to this complex novel. The best source of information on V. on the Net!

The Pomona College V. Page– Called “The Street,” this interesting page is a graphical guide to the book.

V. Cover GalleryV. has had quite an array of covers over the years, as you may see on this page provided by HyperArts!

Selected Reviews

The Whole Sick Crew
Plimpton, George
From the April 21, 1963 New York Times, George Plimpton discusses V. in context of other American postwar novels.


Thomas Pynchon / Paperback / Published 1999
Our Price: $11.20

Thomas Pynchon / Hardcover / Published 1997
Our Price: $49.95

Companion to V.
J. Kerry Grant / Hardcover
Our Price: $40.00
From the Publisher: To the uninitiated, Thomas Pynchon’s V. seems to defy comprehension with its open-ended and fragmented narrative, huge cast of characters (some 150 of them), and wide range of often obscure references. J. Kerry Grant’s Companion to "V." takes us through the novel chapter by chapter, breaking through its daunting surface by summarizing events and clarifying Pynchon’s many allusions. The Companion draws extensively from existing critical and explicative work on V. to suggest the range of interpretations that the novel can support. The hundreds of notes that comprise the Companion are keyed to the three most widely cited editions of V. Most notes are interpretive, but some also provide historical and cultural contexts or help to resurrect other nuances of meaning. Because it does not constitute a particular "reading" of, or "take" on, the novel, the Companion will appeal to a wide range of users. Rather than attempting to make final sense of the novel, the Companion exposes and demystifies Pynchon’s intent to play with our conventional attitudes about fiction.

Companion to V.
J. Kerry Grant / Paperback
Our Price: $18.00

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