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Temporary Note

Raymond Queneau
Raymond Queneau
The Libyrinth's Queneau Bookstore

All these in-print titles may be purchased online through, where you may purchase them online and have them shipped directly to your doorstep. For rare, second-hand, or out-of-print titles, you may use the search engines at the bottom of the page.

Selected Works by Queneau

The Blue Flowers
Raymond Queneau, Barbara Wright (Translator) / Paperback / Published 1985; $7.16

Bords : Mathematiciens, Precurseurs, Encyclopedistes
Raymond Queneau / Paperback / Published 1978; $49.95 (Special Order)

Children of Clay (Sun & Moon Classics, No 100)
Raymond Queneau, Madeleine Velguth (Translator) / Paperback / Published 1998; $11.96

Exercises in Style
Raymond Queneau, Barbara Wright (Translator) / Paperback / Published 1981; $8.76

The Flight of Icarus
Raymond Queneau, Barbara Wright (Translator) / Paperback / Published 1973; $5.56

Joan Miro Lithographs
Raymond Queneau / Hardcover / Published 1975
Our Price: $425.00

Du Langage Chien Chez Sylvie Et Bruno
Raymond Queneau / Hardcover / Published 1971
Our Price: $6.95 + $1.85 special surcharge (Special Order)

The Last Days : A Novel
Raymond Queneau, et al / Paperback / Published 1996; $9.56

Raymond Queneau, Carol Sanders (Translator) / Paperback / Published 1999; $10.95

Raymond Queneau / Hardcover / Published 1988
Our Price: $19.95 (Special Order)

Oulipo Laboratory : Texts from the Bibliotheque Oulipienne (Anti-Classics of Dada.)
Raymond Queneau(Editor), et al / Paperback / Published 1996; $12.79

Pierrot Mon Ami
Raymond Queneau / Paperback / Published 1989
Our Price: $9.95 + $0.85 special surcharge (Special Order)

Raymond Queneau : Poems (Unicorn French Series, V. 11)
Raymond Queneau, Teo Savory / Paperback / Published 1971
Our Price: $9.95 + $1.05 special surcharge (Special Order)

Pounding the Pavements, Beating the Bushes and Other Pataphysical Poems
Raymond Queneau, Teo Savory / Hardcover / Published 1985
Our Price: $29.95 (Special Order)

Saint Glinglin
Raymond Queneau, James Sallis (Translator) / Hardcover / Published 1993
Our Price: $19.95

Saint Glinglin
Translated from the French by James Sallis Raymond Queneau / Paperback / Published 2000
Our Price: $11.95 (Not Yet Published)

The Sunday of Life : A Novel
Raymond, Queneau, Barbara Wright (Translator) / Hardcover / Published 1977; $12.00

Selected Works about Queneau

Naming & Unnaming : On Raymond Queneau (Stages (Series), Vol 12)
Jordan Stump / Hardcover / Published 1998; $40.00 (Special Order)

Raymond Queneau and Carole Maso
John O'Brien(Editor) / Paperback / Published 1997; $8.00

Raymond Queneau's Chene Et Chien : A Translation With Commentary
Madeleine Velguth / Hardcover / Published 1995
Our Price: $33.95

Raymond Queneau.
Carol Sanders / Paperback / Published 1994
Our Price: $24.14 (Special Order)

The Representation of Women in the Autobiographical Novels of Raymond Queneau (American University Studies. Series Ii, Romance Languages and Literatu)
Madeleine Velguth / Hardcover / Published 1990
Our Price: $58.80 (Special Order)

Rewriting Greece : Queneau and the Agony of Presence (American University Studies. Series Ii, Romance Languages and Literature, Vol 211)
Constantin Toloudis / Hardcover / Published 1995
Our Price: $35.95 (Special Order)

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