The Scriptorium

  There are many wonderful twentieth century authors who fit the "Libyrinth" theme and yet do not have a dedicated stack in the Archives. There are usually three different reasons for this: they are a new writer and have not yet produced a substantial body of work; they are so ingrained in pop culture that they are well represented elsewhere on the Web; or I am simply less familiar with their work than the core authors and do not feel comfortable designing a stack for them.  
  That brings us to the Scriptorium. This corner of the Libyrinth Archives is devoted to providing a showcase for some of these authors. Some of them may be unfamiliar and deserve to be read; while some are very familiar but deserve to be treated more as serious literature.  
  Selecting one of the names from the list at the right will bring up their page in this window. Each author has a page that gives some information about their oeuvre, their writing style, reviews of their work, and perhaps a few links to other related sites on the Web.  
  The Scriptorium is also one of the more interactive areas of the Libyrinth, and I gratefully accept ideas, authors, and submissions for these pages. Of course, since the Scriptorium is relatively new, it has only a few featured authors fully completed and online -- although a few monks are diligently at work. . . . I've provided a small start by listing some potential names; what happens next is up to you. If you want to help out, just follow the link below!  

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